The town owns more than 600 mysterious 'ghost castles' in Turkey

Once accidentally, the drone accidentally discovered an entire town of castles, abandoned in Central Turkey.

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In a flycam, photographing the Merdunu region, a photographer took a whole town of castles deep in the forest. When these photos were published, the background and purpose of the castles made many visitors curious, and information about the place was gradually revealed.
Overview of the abandoned castle. Photo: Culturego.
Located in Bolu province, between Istanbul and Turkey's capital Ankara, more than 600 French-style castles located amidst the picturesque natural scenery recently made many visitors excited. At first glance, the scenery here makes people think of the magnificent castles in Disney movies but they are actually 'forgotten'.

After a long time to learn, it is known that the castle is owned by tycoon Burj al Babas, president of the real estate group Sarot. His project was completely shut down when he encountered a debt of up to 27 million USD.
The castles were dense enough to make people overwhelmed. Photo: TheGuardian.
According to the project's source, this is a fairly bold move for the Turkish tycoon. Mr. Burj al Babas dreamed of a city with 732 castles, each measuring 324 square meters. One of those castles was sold for between $ 370,000 and $ 530,000 for a splendid luxurious castle.
In winter, the castles are engulfed in snow. Photo: Matador.
The dream project of Mr. Burj al Babas was started in 2014, to create a small town of French castles, each with its own turret and a 'super huge' castle right in the center of town which symbolizes authority and development.
The image of the central castle, once considered a symbol for the town. Photo: Belles Demus.
The central castle is planned to become a hall for the rich community in this town. In addition, some other buildings such as mosques, supermarkets, movie theaters, restaurants, kindergartens will be integrated right inside. Even high-class sports halls, water parks, Turkish baths, saunas are integrated into the central castle.
Many castles here are still in unfinished condition. Photo: TheCourier.
The Sarot Group completed 587 houses before they went bankrupt; Vice President Mezher Yerdelen told Bloomberg that he hopes the construction can continue in 2019. Mr. Mezher believes the company only needs to sell 100 villas to pay off the debt. The present value of the project is $ 200 million.

Mr. Mezher said: "I believe we can overcome this crisis in four to five months and inaugurate in part project in 2019."
Mudurnu town is one of the reasons why the project has been criticized. Photo: 123RF
Contrary to Mr. Mezher's confidence, many Turkish giants were not interested in these castles. According to them, these castles contradict the Ottoman tradition of self-respect, and it is not suitable for it to be quite close to Mudurnu, an ancient Turkish town, listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Heritage Tentative List in 2015.
This is just a sad sight, for curious visitors. Photo: Bloomberg.
Along with the previous owners of the castle town have 'fled' due to the severe impact of the economic downturn. Turkey's Libra lost 38% of its value against the dollar in 2018, leaving many businesses empty-handed. Many people affirm that these castles are cursed and no one remembers the existence of hundreds of suckling castles in charming mountains. However, the unique discovery of the appearance of the castle causes curious and attracts travelers who love exploring from over the world.

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