Friday, October 18, 2019

The tunnel is like a spaceship in Bangkok

The link between the metro station and the newly opened mall has a see-through glass floor below and is designed like a spaceship.

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Located in a complex of shopping centers, restaurants, hotels ... opened in late September on Rama IV Road, the tunnel with transparent glass is the new check-in point for Bangkok youth and visitors. . Photo bangkokpost
The tunnel is about 120 m long, connecting the Samyan subway station (exit 2) and the commercial center, which is invested to build at a cost of about 300 million baht. Several glassed sections allow you to see the entire underlying structure. Photo shutterstock
The tubular design, the white and gray colors of the concrete look rough but makes many people think of the spaceship, evoking the curiosity of visitors. Photo of Samyan Mitrtown
After coming out of the tunnel, you come to the shopping center with all brands, dining area ... It is only about 1.6km from Siam so it is quite convenient to travel by subway, bus or tuk tuk. Photo shutterstock
Besides, this place is called the "Trade Center that never sleeps" because there is a 24-hour open area, providing enough food and entertainment services suitable for young people, office workers and foreign visitors hanging out late. Photo bangkokpost
The 24-hour zone consists of 4 floors from B1 to 2nd floor, scoring with customers thanks to the decoration of many virtual living zones. Photo bangkokpost
In addition, the rooftop of the shopping center is an ideal city watching place, not obscured from the view, planted cool greenery. In the afternoon, coming here to admire the sunset is also not a bad suggestion. Photo bangkokpost

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