The types of passengers drive others crazy on the flights

The narrow space makes sitting next to a lack of delicate guests a nightmare for many visitors.

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The "stinking" person: In the confined space of the airplane cabin, it's nothing worse than sitting next to a person who forgets about body hygiene, over-spraying perfume or eating unpleasant smell things. Photo: Guff.
People who talk a lot: A few polite sentences and friendly surrounding people can make your trip easier. However, a talkative person who talks about everything in heaven and on earth - mainly about himself - can cause you a headache. They also do not care if you want to hear them or not and if you do not respond, they may talk on the phone loudly. Photo: Giantcomfort.
Drunk people: Some people drink alcohol constantly, anytime and anywhere. The first thing they did when they boarded the flight was to ask the flight attendant to serve alcoholic beverages. This means that you have to endure unpleasant odors during the journey, and many even talk endlessly and force you to drink with them. Photo: Donscater.
Messy people: These people often don't respect the privacy of others. They carry two or three small hand luggage bags, plus duty-free bags, diagonal bags and hand bags. When they sit down on a chair, they display everything from iPads to Kindle, jackets, reading glasses, neck pillows ... around, squirming and even dropping things to your chair. Photo: Dailymail.
Snoring: Sitting on an airplane has trouble sleeping, your journey will be worse when the person next to you sleeps well and snores loudly. Photo: Health.
Group of friends separated: They were in a group but forgot or could not book side by side. That does not prevent them from talking and laughing with each other, asking you to hand the stuff to the other person or stand up for an every few dozen minutes to walk past you to the other person ... Photo: INC.
Impolite people: They casually put their feet on the front seat, kick the chair, occupy both the armrest and over-require flight attendant ... The suffering of such people makes your journey stressful and less fun. Photo: Travel Weekly.

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