The unique architectures in Singapore

One of the features that are so familiar to tourists coming to Singapore is the skyscrapers, the unique architectures. Today, there are many new and strange constructions in Singapore, making international tourists more and more interested.

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Singapore features skyscrapers.

Marina Bay Sand Hotel

Marina Bay Sand is a very popular destination for tourists visiting Singapore. Marina Bay Sand Hotel is the largest hotel in Singapore with three 55-storey towers and 1560 luxurious rooms. The high-class rooms have separate paths for VIP customers, from these rooms you can see the South China Sea and the Singapore skyline. It also offers a lot of utilities, many modern systems, many amusement parks, high-class exhibition areas ...

Mica Building

Mica Building with lots of colorful colors is an impressive highlight in the hearts of visitors to Singapore. The whole building has 911 doorways, each doorway is painted with colorful colors such as green, red, yellow, blue ... At night when the electric lights are on, Mica becomes more beautiful and full of attraction.

Armenian church

The Armenian church was built in 1835 and is a church of Christians. Walking around the church campus visitors will discover great things, extremely new, the high tower dominating with Greek architecture, the inside space was built to look very sacred. This church was built by many talented workers, and architects.

Chinese garden

The majority of people living in Singapore are of Chinese origin, so the buildings on the lion island nation are greatly influenced by Chinese architecture and culture and the Chinese garden is a typical example.

The garden brings visitors to a "wonderland" where there are twin pagodas, white round bridges, water rivers ... All create a beautiful picture.

Lau La Sat famous dining venues in Singapore

Lau Pa Sat is a popular street food spot on the lion island, which opened in 1825 where it sells a lot of famous local dishes such as grilled seafood dishes, satay grilled skewers... Spacious and airy dining space with wooden floors, very simple wooden columns bring a sense of closeness and comfort when enjoying the dishes.

Jamae temple

When you come to Singapore if you want to find a different architecture, where you can learn about the diverse culture of the people on the lion island nation, you should go to Jamae temple. The temple is designed in neoclassical architecture with the characteristic of colonial architecture George Coleman which will surely make you have an unforgettable impression.

Durian theater

When mentioning the famous architectural works in Singapore, we cannot help but mention the unique durian theater. This theater is inspired by Durian - the national fruit of Singapore. This is the place where have taken place many cultural activities, art shows in Singapore.

St Andrew's Church

St Andrew is considered as one of the famous buildings in Singapore, where you can visit and explore many interesting things. This work was built in 1973 with very elaborate decorative features, rising tower with a bright white background that makes you overwhelmed.
These amazing constructions will surely bring surprises and interesting experiences for your Singapore tour.

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