The world's first hydrogen-powered super-yacht

A future hydrogen-powered ship model from the Netherlands is likely to boost the superyacht industry in an environmentally friendly way.

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The Dutch-based yacht design company Sinot has revealed a simulation for potential new products in the future. Accordingly, the superyacht will be powered entirely by hydrogen technology and liquid fuel cells.
With the cooperation of Lateral Naval Architects, the unit providing complete technical expertise for the superyacht industry, the Aqua project is designed with a length of 112 m and a maximum speed operation of 17 nautical miles.
The simulation shows that the infinity pool, heliport, spa and pool will be built on board, providing the most modern facilities for visitors to experience.
Spread over 5 floors, the superyacht will also have a hydromassage room, sunbathing deck.
"To develop Aqua, we take inspiration from sophisticated lifestyle, future vision, taking advantage of the flexibility of water and advanced technology, combining them to create innovative features in ultra yacht 112 m long...
Our challenge is to deploy hydrogen atoms and liquid fuels to work completely in a superyacht. This project is really not only technological breakthrough but also design and aesthetics, "says designer Sander Sinot.
The yacht's operating system depends on two 28-ton vacuum isolation tanks, stored at minus 253 degrees Celsius.
Liquid hydrogen is converted into electrical energy through a proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEM). Using hydrogen to operate superyachts will not cause noise and be environmentally friendly.
It took the developers 5 months to come up with the Aqua concept, which is described as being very quiet, low in noise and limited in vibration.
Although the project is currently a paper-based conceptual simulation and has no plans to build it in the future, according to Sinot, Aqua is the pioneering design that clearly shapes tomorrow's superyachts.

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