Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Thien An Hill of Hue is poetic, attracting young people to check-in

Famous for the lush green pine forests, the winding road is as beautiful as the misty country, Thien An hill is a "virtual living" spot sought by tourist believers.

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About 10km south of Hue city center, Thien An hill belongs to Thuy Bang commune, Huong Thuy District, Thua Thien - Hue. This place attracts young people by the hissing green pine forest, especially the steep, winding, poetic road. Photo: Xiix_hz, debby.huynh.

The climate here is cool, pleasant, Thien An hill is an ideal stop for tired feet after a long journey to explore Hue. Photo: Doggic.un, nynynotnini.
The gentle, romantic setting of this "Little Dalat" is an indispensable place for loving couples. Coming here, you only need to invest in simple and light clothes, add a bit of classic accessories, promising you will immediately bring back an impressive set of photos. Photo: Bibuu_1402.
On the way to the top of Thien An hill, remember to stop by Thien An Monastery. This is the place of mindfulness hidden in the pristine, wild pine forest. With the distinctive beauty of the Asian-style monastery, you will be fascinated to check-in "forget the way back". Photo: Nlpt.kyy.

The clear blue scenery of sky clouds and pine forests may not satisfy the "virtual living" devotees. Many young people have used software to adjust the background of the sky, the trees ... to help their photos look different and more attractive. Photo: Lethanhthuy.039, ntt_nhung00.

In addition to pine forest, Thien An is also famous for its fanciful, mysterious beauty of Ho Thuy Tien water park. Although it has been abandoned for a long time, it still attracts domestic and international tourists to check-in. Just stand in the scenery, you will get many beautiful, unique and strange photos. Photo:, qlinh2301.

The space here is even more terrifying when the surrounding scenery has a deep, cold sadness. All properties of the park are rusted and crumbling. Photo: Xuxuxiu9_, motconvitxoerahaicaicanh.hihi.

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