Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Things to avoid when going to nude beaches in France

France is known for its liberal thinking, but not everywhere you can take off your clothes.

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In France, the removal of outfits on beaches is often controlled and there are certain rules. The Local site has suggested what visitors should and should not do when visiting these beaches, avoiding pushing themselves into legal trouble or criticism by locals.
The French are naturally generous but there are dress codes on some beaches. Artwork: Florida Today.
The image of topless women is quite common in French public beaches, but that doesn't mean it is accepted everywhere. Travel destinations along the Riviera and Atlantic beaches are places you can comfortably wear as you like but at the artificial beach along the Seine in Paris is against the law.

Wearing a two-piece swimsuit too small, naked in some places ... will make you pay a fine of 38 euros. However, children without clothes can run and jump at every beach in France that no one cares about.

French law does not prohibit nor permit the complete removal of clothes in public. So if you want to be a naturalist, go to secluded, discreet beaches, or permitted places. "Please don't undress on every beach just because you think you are in France," a local resident said.
Visitors are restricted from taking photos at the nude beach. Photo: Local.
Even going to nude beaches, you are not required to take off your clothes. You can still wear swimwear in these areas, except for a few compulsory points.

Some people like to roam the beach, and go sightseeing. Although France has no law forcing you to wear clothes while walking, many naturalists have been fined.

French nudity group Apnel said that if you want to undress when climbing, you should still bring clothes and ready to wear them when in contact with people, avoiding trouble. The fact that you are not naked or bikini in cities and towns is also not welcome. To make sure you don't break the law, you should look into the rules where you plan to strip.

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