Things to know when renting hanbok

When visiting Gyeongbokgung palace or Hanok Bukchon ancient village, visitors can rent traditional Korean costumes with a cost from VND 290,000.

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Hanbok is a traditional costume for Koreans, often worn on important occasions. They are divided into 2 categories for men and women, in which the female outfit is more diverse. The accessories will vary by type of hanbok for each class of society.

Basically, women's clothing consists of Jeogori (outerwear) and Chima (long skirt). The skirt is sewn by a rectangular pleated fabric with the cuff around the skirt. Hanboks of the aristocracy will have silk bags on the left of the skirt that come with accessories.
Things to know when renting hanbok
Tourists take photos at the old Hanok Bukchon village. Photo: Klook.

Rental and photo spots with Hanbok

There are always hanbok hire places in popular Korean tourist destinations. In particular, Gyeongbokgung Palace is a place to take photos with the style of Korean traditional movies that are loved by many young people. Nearby there are many hanbok rental locations. When wearing a hanbok to visit the palace, you will get free entrance fee. You can order a hanbok at Gyeongbokgung store in Hanboknam for the following price.

4 hours of traditional hanbok rental290.000 VND
4-hour theme hanbok rental575.000 VND
Rent a theme hanbok in a day720.000 VND
Rent traditional hanbok 2.5 hours (personal locker)360.000 VND
Rent theme hanbok 2.5 hours (personal locker)575.000 VND
Bukchon Hanok Village is a place not to be missed when traveling to Seoul. Because of the ancient features of the village, young people often choose to take pictures imbued with a bold historical film style.

When you visit the old village, you can visit the Oneday Bukchon store to choose a hanbok that suits you the best. After renting, you will be assisted with hairdressing to suit the outfit. The rent here is as follows:

4 hours 370.000 VND
One day575.000 VND
Namsan Tower is a symbolic TV tower in Korea. Here, you visit the hanbok cultural experience area to learn about the history of this outfit. You can also optionally rent different types of hanbok and take photos in the imperial palace simulation area.


When renting a hanbok, you must leave an ID card or passport and a deposit. When wearing, please be careful not to lose accessories or broken items because of the high penalty. The rental period is calculated from the moment you step out of the store. So you should go back to return stuff ontime, avoid surcharges.
Things to know when renting hanbok
Gyeongbokgung Palace is one of the destinations that attract many tourists taking photos with Hanbok. Photo: Swan83kr.
Hanbok has many designs and colors depending on the class in society, if you do not know much about this, do not hesitate to ask the staff in the store. If you do not know Korean, you can ask a local guide if you go on a tour.

In addition to wearing Hanbok, visitors can experience famous tourist destinations in Korea such as Nami Island, Jeju Island, Gamcheong Cultural Village in Busan and enjoy seasonal dishes.

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