Three hot destinations for the winter weekend

Weekends are the occasion where you watch the wild sunflower path in Ba Vi or take a dip in the hot mineral water in Hoa Binh.

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Dai Lai Lake

The lake is located in Phuc Yen town, Vinh Phuc, about 45 km from Hanoi. This is an artificial lake, surrounded by pine forests so the air is very fresh and airy. With increasingly diverse utility services such as hotels, restaurants, entertainment areas ... this area becomes more attractive, especially on weekends.
Pine forest by the lake becomes an outdoor exhibition. Photo: Art in the forest.
You can take a private car or free bus to Dai Lai. There are outdoor activities for both guests to play during the day or stay such as yachting, cycling, camping, fishing ... If you enter the Flamingo resort, the entrance ticket is 280,000 VND. For two day of the weekend, you can refer to the following schedule:

Day 1: Move to the lake - check-in or camp - walk by bike - have lunch and rest - take part in leisure activities.

Day 2: Visiting and taking photos of the art gallery on the pine hill - having lunch - moving to Hanoi.

Ba Vi

This season, Ba Vi attracts tourists by the blooming wild yellow anemones along the road in the national park. This place is about 60 km from Hanoi center, you can also choose bus (bus 71, 74, 214) or private vehicles. Because from the bus stop into the national park is 5 km, many people choose a motorbike or a private car to easily visit inside. Admission is 60,000 VND. Here It rents motels, tents and campfire service if traveling in large groups.
Wild sunflowers bloomed a whole hill in Ba Vi. Photo: Iguana.
Two-day reference schedule:

Day 1: Move to the national park - pine forest - the fallen church - Thuong temple - check-in and have dinner.

Day 2: Climbing 700 m hill watching wild anemones - cactus greenhouse - return to Hanoi

Kim Boi
Mineral pool of a 4-star resort in Kim Boi. Photo: Agoda.
In the cold season, tourists often choose hot spring destinations for the weekend. There are many places around Hanoi, but Kim Boi, Hoa Binh are loved by many people just two hours away from the capital. There is a source of natural hot mineral water, the temperature is about 34-36 degrees C but the standard mineral content for treatment. A number of new luxury resorts are open with full services for guests.

Mineral bath tickets from 65,000 to 90,000 VND / person with a collective pool, 200,000 - 400,000 VND with a private bathroom (2-8 people, depending on the type). Hot spring bath in Japanese style cost 800,000 to 3 million VND per room (5-20 people, depending on type). With resort guests have more preferential rates. The advice is to choose resorts with mineral bath services to enjoy the best services and prices for two days off.

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