Top 10 beautiful cherry blossom viewing spots in Nagoya of Japan

Located on the famous Japanese cherry blossom road - Nagoya has many places for you to visit. From the marvelous flower valleys to the hundreds-year-old cherry trees, even the distinct species that only Nagoya has. Here are 10 cherry blossom viewing spots in Nagoya that attract the most Japanese tourists each year.

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Garyu Park

Garyu Park is known as a gorgeous cherry blossom viewing spot in Nagoya Japan, where more than 600 cherry blossom trees are planted and most are of the Yoshino genus. Particularly, Ryuke Lake is located in the middle of the park surrounded by 160 cherry trees, which is like a romantic picture that makes visitors unable to not fret. Especially at night, there are activities to light up, the lights reflected on the lake are extremely brilliant and sparkling.
Inside Garyu Park, there is a mini zoo which always attracts a lot of locals and Japanese tourists.

Ueda Castle Relic Park

Ueda Castle was built in 1583 as a famous sightseeing spot in Nagoya that everyone wants to visit. In the spring, 1,000 cherry blossoms in full bloom embrace the Ueda Castle to bring a beautiful sight that touches the heart. Besides, many other annual entertainment activities are held such as "Ueda Castle Viewing Festival" during the flowering period. The landscape of the evening is equally attractive with lights everywhere. Also Ueda castle ruins park is also a place to see the famous red maple, ginkgo in the fall in Japan.

Kaiko-en garden and Komoro castle ruins

Kaiko-en Garden is one of the top 100 cherry blossom viewing spots in Japan, each season has its own charm. Just about the end of March to early April, the whole garden is filled with pristine cherry blossoms, warmly attracts many tourists to admire. The Komoro Castle ruins are covered with moss and the flow of the Chikuma River adds even more highlights to the garden. Moreover, autumn here is the image of colorful maple leaves, and the school of koi carp swimming in the lake ... it is also great for you to enjoy.

Takato Castle Relic Park

Takato Castle ruins are recognized as "Top 100 Greatest Castles in Japan", where about 1,500 cherry blossom trees of Takato-Kohigan-Zakura are planted. This type of sakura is smaller than the yoshino and has a hint of red, which is considered representative of the cherry blossoms. Including 20 trees over 130 years, 500 trees over 50 years old and the most beautiful blooming time is around April, ... dyed pink the Takato castle ruins.
This beautiful cherry blossom viewing spot in Nagoya also hosts a flower viewing festival, night lighting, ... Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists come to visit.

Cherry blossoms Sakurazutsumi by the Chikuma River

The 4km long walk along the Chikuma River near the Obuse Bridge is a fascinating spot for Sakurazutsumi cherry blossoms in Nagoya Japan. This area has 600 double cherry trees, unlike the other ones, the time of Sakurazutsumi flowering quite late usually comes to the end of April. The bright colors of the flower and the yellow of the canola flowers create an eye-catching scene.

Hanamo cherry blossom road

Hanamo route in Achi village, Nagano province, is transformed into a valley of cherry blossoms among the mountains every spring. Flowering season lasts from late April to mid-May. More than 10,000 cherry blossom trees with all kinds of white, red, light pink, dark pink, ... large sizes show off, beautiful and brilliant.
The calm village becomes more bustling when lots of tourists come to enjoy flowers and sightseeing.

Nakatsuna Lake 

Located at an altitude of 815m above sea level, Nakatsuna Lake is the smallest lake in Nishina Sanko and gathers many rare creatures of Japan. In the morning, when there was no wind, the surface of the lake is calm and turned into a giant mirror for the shadow of the cherry trees reflecting. Many photographers come here to take photos, recording the seemingly momentary moment of the scene.

Komatsunagi cherry blossom

Another gorgeous cherry blossom viewing spot in Nagoya that Japanese spring tourists should not miss is the Komatsunagi cherry tree. It is planted next to rice fields and is estimated to be 400 to 500 years old. Images of flowers reflected in the water fields create an incredibly peaceful scene. The locals also decorate the lighting, making the scene almost magical.

Yamazaki River

The Yamazaki River was chosen for the top 100 places to see cherry blossoms in Japan. There are more than 500 cherry trees planted on the 2.5km long stretch of the river, like a soft silk covering Nagoya.

Nagoya Castle

Nagoya Castle is a beautiful cherry blossom viewing spot in Nagoya Japan and receives a large number of annual visitors. There are over 1,000 cherry blossom trees and start blooming from the end of March, making the whole castle more prominent. In addition to watching flowers, visitors also have the opportunity to participate in many joyful and bustling spring activities.

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