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Top 8 experiences and places to visit in Aso

The vast natural landscape, hot springs, diverse cuisine, and many interesting outdoor activities are what attract visitors to visit Aso on the Japan travel itinerary. This article will share with you 8 top experiences and places to visit in Aso, promising to bring a wonderful and memorable vacation.

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3 memorable experiences at Aso, Kumamoto

Mimami-Aso tram train

Founded in 1985, the Mimami-Aso railway passes through Tatsuno to Takamori station, helping you enjoy a more comfortable ride. Visitors will admire many famous tourist destinations in Aso, beautiful volcanic landscapes, valleys, majestic mountains. The train currently operates between Takamori Station and Nakamatsu Station for about 25 minutes.
The trains have an unusual structure with three special passenger cars without windows on either side of the locomotive. The train you should take is Yusuge-go, operating twice daily for Kyushu travelers.

See the beauty of Aso from the air

Do you want to try flying freely in the sky and feel the fresh breeze of Aso countryside? At Aso Nature Land, visitors have the opportunity to participate in many exciting challenging activities such as paragliding, balloon riding, yoga, stargazing, etc. The most popular is going to the balloon in the early morning, when the mist has not completely cleared, every mountain looming in the distance.
Not only adults but also children can experience the same family. Climbing or night walking services are also popular.

Enjoy the onsen

The Aso volcano has plenty of quality hot springs as the famous onsen resort area in Kumamoto. For example, Kurokawa Onsen - one of the most famous onsen spots on Kyushu island. The hot spring town, located at an altitude of 700m, features numerous onsen inns along the Tanohara tributary. Typically, Wa Waita onsengo, Nyuto Tegata, ... provide tubs made of cedar wood for a long time, outdoor hot bathing spots. Food of "hot steam hell" is an indispensable part here that you should enjoy.

Top 5 tourist destinations in Aso

Aso Cuddly Dominion Zoo

The Aso Cuddly Dominion area is a unique animal world where you can meet many animals and interact with them. Set amidst the majestic nature of Aso, the zoo currently nurtures and cares for about 500 species of animals and 100 species of birds. An animal observatory was built in 2017, a series of featured performances is renovated regularly.

It is also home to the pair of the famous best friends between monkey Pankun and dog Bulon James. Miy Miyazawa Theater organizes fun shows and entertainment every day. Aso Cuddly Dominion Zoo is Aso's top travel destination for your family.

Aso Farm Land Resort

Aso Farm Land is a unique resort with fancy architectural space including 480 dome houses, high ability to cope with natural disasters and earthquakes. Aso Farm Land offers visitors a variety of experiences such as healing hot tubs, relaxation, sports, cuisine, ...
Outside each house is decorated with colorful, funny pictures, lovely flowers and grass. Visit the flamingo breeding area with many other animals.

Hana Asobi

Hana Asobi is one of Japan's largest rose gardens and the largest in the Kyushu island region. This is a top tourist destination in Aso, Kumamoto, always filled with the pleasant fragrance of roses. You will find over 400 different rose varieties, about 600 roses from England and France.
The annual Rose Festival held at Hana Asobi attracts a lot of Kyushu tourists to visit and watch the flowers. There are also local product galleries, souvenirs, and an outdoor restaurant serving local dishes.

Isshingyo no Ozakura

Isshingyo Park in Minami-Aso, Kumamoto is a top tourist destination in Aso for cherry blossom viewing in spring. There are ancient cherry trees over 400 years old extremely famous which every year attracts hundreds of thousands of people to see. The tree is 14m high, 7m trunk circumference, flowers bloom in early April. The pale rose color is more prominent in the field of yellow mustard flowers, and the much more attractive under the night light. Cherry blossom viewing festival at Isshingyo is held every year.

Kusasenri gahama

Located at the foot of the Eboshi crater mountain, Kusasenri gahama is one of the most famous scenery in Aso. The meadow is 785,000m2 wide, where horses herd leisurely graze all year round, creating a simple picture. From April to November, visitors also have the opportunity to experience horseback riding and take in the green scenery.
Enjoy local dishes such as steak made with Aso beef, basashi - Japanese alive horse sashimi, dango soup, etc.

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