Top essentials when traveling North America in winter

The USA, Canada in winter is becoming a hot place for many visitors to choose for their winter vacation. Coming here, you will unleash watching the snow and experience the exciting games. However, the winters in North America are usually very cold, the temperature is often below 0 degrees C. So what do you need to prepare?

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When traveling for the first time in the winter or going to places much colder than where you are living, visitors need to keep in mind the things to prepare such as: thermal jacket, thermal pants, jacket, scarves, face scarves, woolen hats, waterproof shoes, gloves, socks and ensuring that the temperature drops down to -40 degrees Celsius, these costumes still keep your body warm.

Thick warm coat

A thick warm coat is an indispensable item in your North American travel suitcase in the winter. The warm winter coat when brought to the US, Canada, you need to ensure the following requirements: long sleeves, lightweight material, warm, outer layer of wind resistance and waterproof, the better.

Next to warm clothes, you must bring shoes. Traveling, you must walk a lot, so you must choose sports shoes, soft shoes. In the winter in Canada with snow or rain, it is reasonable to prepare 2 pairs of shoes. Should choose shoes with warm materials inside, non-slip shoe soles.

Heat preservation clothing

Winter travel in general and travel to the US and Canada in the cold weather you need to prepare the shirt, pants, thick and warm enough. The best way is that you choose the socks, thermal costumes with fur, felt underneath to keep the best warm when you experience the outdoors.

Accessories included

In addition to the main outfit, winter accessories also make an important contribution to keeping you warm during the trip: woolen hats, gloves, socks, scarves ... Or for places with low temperatures, you can use more thermal patches that are also very convenient.

Individual medicine bag

Travel luggage in the cold season is indispensable for basic and simple medicines to reduce some symptoms associated with the winter. Because the winter of Canada is very cold, you are not used to it, your body cannot adapt, so you have a cold, cough ... Therefore, medicine is an essential item, your medicine bag must include: antipyretics, flu, aches and pains, wind oil, ginger tea ...


Winters in North America in many places often have dry properties - low environmental humidity leading to dry and chapped skin. Therefore, you should reserve yourself a tube of lotion and lip balm so that skin problems do not affect your travel.
In addition to the above essential items, when traveling in the US and Canada in the winter, you need to equip simple personal tools such as sunscreen, toothpaste, toothbrush, body lotion, lip balm, personal water bottles should be prepared not only for women but also for men.

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