Top European cities most beautiful in autumn

Autumn in Europe is really very attractive, a beautiful time to hang out, enjoy the atmosphere. Green trees bring burning orange, lemon yellow and crimson, creating magical beams of rainbow. From the gentle hills, the vast valleys to the majestic peaks, it all seemed to be dressed in the most brilliant coat.

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Amsterdam - Netherlands

Amsterdam is a romantic destination throughout the year. Especially in autumn, the trees along the canal draped in warm colors, yellow leaves filled the branches, spreading carpet on the ground. Each year the city receives millions of European tourists visiting to enjoy the best season of the year.

Coming to Amsterdam this time, try to rent a small boat, glide on the river strewn with yellow leaves. Or go cycling around the city to feel the romantic atmosphere and blend into the slow pace of life here.

Ghent - Belgium

Ghent - is like stepping out from comics, one of Belgium's most beautiful cities. Coming to Ghent when it comes to autumn, there are countless things you should do like visiting the earls' castles, sailing on the Ghent Canal, climbing the bell tower and a series of exciting autumn festivals.

Hannover - Germany

Hannover is a paradise for those who love green spaces. Because this German city owns many large parks. Typically, the Royal Garden of Herrenhausen - one of the most beautiful parks in Europe, the precious Eilenriede forest. With its location and natural conditions, Hannover has become one of the most beautiful European cities in the fall, well worth a visit.

In addition, Hannover is also the perfect stop when gathering many of Germany's most famous shopping streets.

Bordeaux - France

In Bordeaux, all traditional, classic and contemporary values seem to be preserved intact. It can be said that the autumn landscape of Bordeaux is as beautiful as Paris, even more peaceful. Bordeaux is the second most beautiful city in France, which will give you an especially warm holiday, with ancient streets, vast wine-producing vineyards ...

Lugano - Switzerland 

Located in the south of Switzerland, Lugano is the largest Italian-speaking "lakeshore" city outside Italy. In Lugano, there are picturesque boulevards, views of the beautiful lake combined with the grandeur of the Alps. Lugano will fascinate you with the magic of the autumn picture.

Prague - Czech Republic

Prague is the largest city and the capital of the Czech Republic. The weather of Prague in the autumn is likely to be cold but it is great to enjoy the natural scenery.

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