Traditional drinks of Singapore should be not missed

It will be flawed if you come to Singapore to skip the traditional drinks here. The traditional Singapore drinks are not only delicious, strange, but many drinks are also beneficial to health. Here are some drinks you should enjoy in Singapore.

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Barley drink

Barley drink

This is a very suitable drink for hot and hot summer days. Barley has long been known as a delicious and nutritious drink. After hours of sightseeing, playing, enjoying a glass of delicious barley drink will help you feel really refreshed and healthier.

Teh Tarik milk tea

Singapore's cuisine is greatly influenced by the cuisine of Malaysia and many other countries. When you come to Singapore you can enjoy delicious and attractive drinks that Teh Tarik milk tea is one of the delicious drinks you should not miss. The sweet taste combined with the cool aroma and cold taste will surely make tourists feel happy.


Bandung is quite similar to shaved ice syrup in Vietnam. You can buy this drink anywhere in Singapore lion island from the roadsides, the nightlife area ... The taste of this cool drink can help dispel the hot days in Singapore. 

Milo Dinosaur

Milo Dinosaur also tastes quite similar to Milo in Vietnam but is a bit more special. This drink is made mainly with dissolved Milo powder, on top of it is swept with a layer of fresh cream that is usually cold drink. This drink is not only loved by locals but also tourists from all over the world also appreciate the delicious taste of the dish.

Cocktail Sling Singapore

It will be flawed to come to Singapore to skip the Cocktail Sling drink. The ingredients to make this drink are quite diverse. Not only famous in Singapore Cocktail Sling is also known by many people around the world. Do not miss it, you will regret it!
After a dynamic discovery travel process, enjoying delicious and cool drinks will definitely make diners feel extremely refreshed. Besides traditional drinks, in Singapore, there are many other delicious drinks you can enjoy.

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