Suggest travel schedules for 5 European countries in a week

Travel to 5 European countries, explore the beautiful Czech cities of Brno, the capital of Austria or Auschwitz (Poland) in just one week with the suggestions below.

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Most people when traveling must arrange a suitable working timetable and if maybe there is only one to two weeks' leave even less. And if there is only a week for your "relaxing" trip, you absolutely can plan to travel to 5 European countries, discover cultural, architectural beauty, special destinations or cuisine.

Day 1: Krakow, Poland

The first stop on a week-long adventure is Krakow, a city in southern Poland. The city with the second largest population in Poland with 750,000 people, Krakow is one of the popular destinations for both tourists and indigenous people because of its greatness.

After strolling around the Market Square and checking in at Krakow Fabric Hall, drop by the city's famous attraction - Wawel Castle. The castle with a long history and unique architecture from the middle ages will surely overwhelm you, and it will be even more interesting if you love art and architecture.

Do not forget to enjoy a fresh beer in this city, only 1 euro (equivalent to nearly 30 thousand VND) you have in hand a large cup of beer. Locals suggest you go to the famous bar in Poland called Pijalnia Wodki I Piwa, which owns both delicious and reasonably priced drinks.

Day 2: Krakow or Auschwitz, Poland

On the second day of a one-week tour of 5 Europe countries, visitors can take a tour to Auschwitz and Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camps. If you visit both places it will be quite rushed in time, but please arrange to not miss it because these are very interesting destinations when you come to Krakow.

The tour starts quite early, around 7:30 am to 8:30 am, but if you book a full day trip, a tour guide will pick you up at your hotel to take you on a tour and return to the hotel at 4 pm. It will take about 1.5 hours to drive from Krakow to Auschwitz and have guides at each attraction to give visitors an understanding of the terrible genocide suffered by millions of Jewish people.

If you do not visit the Auschwitz concentration camp, you can absolutely choose walking tours to explore Krakow, visit outstanding destinations and enjoy food with local guides, suitable for those who have limited time. These tours are free, so consider tips for tour guides because of their enthusiasm.

Finally, if you have time, take a tour at the Wieliczka Salt Mine, where you can visit a series of underground tunnels with chapels and saltwater channels. The salt mine is the product of many generations of Polish miners and is a UNESCO recognized monument.

Day 3: City of Brno, Czech Republic

On the third day of the trip, choose a cheap itinerary through FlixBus - a daily intercity bus service thought out Europe across the Czech Republic to Brno. The journey from Krakow to Brno takes about 5 hours, a stop in the city of Katowice near the Polish and Czech borders for tourists to take a break.

This little-known city in the Czech Republic is great for those who don't like the noise. The city has a beautiful church, an astronomical clock that shoots out marble for people to try to catch at 11 am every day and a castle with a strange tunnel to explore.

If you come here in the summer months, visitors will admire the performance right on the street. Even if you only stay here for one night, there are many free walking tours to visit the city of Brno in a few hours. Sports-loving travelers can take part in a very interesting jogging tour.

Day 4: City of Bratislava, Slovakia

Returning to the reliable FlixBus bus service, a 105-minute journey takes you to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Although slightly more expensive than previous countries in the schedule of 5 European countries in a week tour. But Bratislava is famous for its Old Town, home to some of Eastern Europe's most lively bars and clubs.

Visitors can visit the beautiful Bratislava Castle, which has improved in architecture but is still the center of the city. Bratislava castle dates back to the 9th century but was destroyed in a fire in the early 1800s, today the castle was rebuilt from the originals of the 1960s. It is easy to recognize the castle thanks to its high position and bright white walls.

Day 5: Vienna Capital, Austria

The city of Bratislava is close to several borders meaning it will be very convenient to travel to Vienna, Austria. Famous for talented people like Mozart and Beethoven, Vienna also possesses many more attractions.

A short one-hour train ride to Vienna Central Station, convenient to go to the Belvedere Palace - one of Vienna's top tourist attractions. With two stunning Baroque palaces (Upper and Lower Belvedere), the garden, fountain, Belvedere Palace is also a museum, art gallery, and UNESCO World Heritage.

Vienna has a significantly higher travel cost than other destinations on the itinerary so depending on your budget, you can choose to stay overnight or return to Bratislava before moving. Anyway, don't forget to try some sweet chocolate specialties when you arrive in Vienna.

Day 6,7: Budapest City, Hungary

For the last leg of the tour, the FlixBus bus service is your travel companion. There are many bus routes running from Vienna and Bratislava to Budapest - the capital of Hungary and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe that visitors should not miss during a trip to 5 European countries.

On the one-week tour, you spend 2 days of the weekend here, but if you have the conditions and time, you should spend more time in Budapest because the city has a lot of great things to explore. Here, visitors can choose to visit by sightseeing bus of Budapest city, tickets are valid for 48 hours and you can fully get on and off at any point you want. Some tickets also include a boat ride to watch the Gellert hill and the parliament building when traveling along the Danube.

Budapest comes alive at night, with boat parties and bars every night of the week so you don't need to come on weekends to enjoy this vibrant atmosphere.
The last day of the trip, enjoy and explore every corner of the beautiful city of Budapest. Bars are very popular places here, understanding that visitors will spend the night to party and dance, in Budapest, it is very popular of spa service with Széchenyi Herbal Bath, one of the places to visit the most. After a night of 'rocking', relax in the hot baths.

Széchenyi is located near Budapest City Park - home to the famous zoo, Vadjahunyad Castle, an ice rink and also located along the famous Budapest Hero Square. The city park is a perfect end to 5 Europe countries on a one-week trip.

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