Travel Thailand to discover the most beautiful virtual living museum in Bangkok

Thailand tourism is not only attracted by beautiful landscapes but also has unique architectural works such as the Samut Prakan Erawan Museum.

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This place makes believers of "virtual living" captivated by a series of restaurants, lovely coffee chains, ... with background for thousands of beautiful images. This place shows the typical culture of Thailand. Visit the Samut Prakan Erawan Museum, surely tourists will be overwhelmed with the vast and magnificent space of this place.
Most impressive we have to mention is the majestic three-headed elephant statue standing on a high pedestal in the center of the museum. It is known that this statue has a height of 29m, 39 meters long, weighs 250 tons, is cast in pure copper and takes about 10 years from concept to completion and launch. This statue is considered by Thai people to be a symbolic image in the Hindu myth of Airavata (also known as Erawan).
More specifically, beneath this huge statue is a museum with impressive sculpting space representing the culture of the Thai as well as the ancient East. The colorful glass arches, the strange spiral staircase, and many doorways are designed and decorated splendidly, ... all of which can become a million-view virtual living place if you pay attention.
This unique and impressive architecture comes from the unique idea of Lek Viriyapant - a late-time entrepreneur who has an artistic soul with ambitious ideas to build work with on par with Pattaya Truth Temple or famous old cities in Bangkok. His purpose is to create a place that can display artifacts from Southeast Asia since ancient times, introduce them to the Thais and let them admire their beauty.

However, the idea of building the museum in its unique and traditional way gave him a headache. A friend suggested building an apple-shaped museum or in the classical Western architectural style. Khun Lek again thought that Eastern architecture would be more appropriate and decided that the museum would carry the image of an elephant in Hinduism, and from there he began to turn this museum into a unique museum. It is the story that explains the architectural origin of this place.
Information to visit the museum, do not forget to note to make the trip easy!

Ticket price: Adult is 400 Baht, children are 200 Baht
Opening hours: 9 am - 4 pm
Address: 99/9 Moo 1, Tambon Bang Muang Mai, Amphoe Mueang Samut Prakan, Chang Wat Samut Prakan 10270.

For girls who like to take photos in a splendid and luxurious style, you should pay attention to preparing costumes that are really suitable for the concept, but do not forget the sanctuary in this sacred place!
Samut Prakan Erawan will be one of the indispensable destinations on the Thailand travel itinerary. With the typical artistic features of this unique Thai museum, you will surely enjoy it. Tourists will hardly find anywhere else but Samut Prakan Erawan Museum to experience and "collect" beautiful photos.

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