Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Traveling Dubai like a local!

Some locals "uncover" a few secrets and as well as some travel tips for those who want to visit the upcoming Dubai. Read on and find out what they shared!

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1. Don't just pay attention to skyscrapers and lavish shopping centers

Dubai not only has the Burj Khalifa and major shopping centers. This city really has a long history - and it's very hard to discover! Find your way to Old Town Dubai to experience the best Arabic culture and markets at Dubai Creek to shop at bargain prices. If you have a spare day, locals recommend a day trip to Abu Dhabi to see the great mosques, where you can learn more about the country's Islamic Heritage.

2. Food can be very cheap

If you think food in Dubai is expensive, you're not wrong. However, you can have some delicious and cheap meals if you know where! Skip the Dubai Mall, JBR, or the city center and go to local markets and open-air markets for even more options!

As recommended by locals, head to Bur Dubai & Deira or Al Barsha to eat shawarma, oman rolls, and samosas for only $ 2 to $ 8 for a meal. On Fridays, Alloro, Andalusia Tapas & Grill and Lamesa will have great deals for traditional breakfast.

3. Let's eat together

In Dubai, it's really weird to order a piece just for yourself. People often call the majority and share with each other in the same group. So unless you're traveling alone, make sure you order the majority to eat together! Plus - this method also saves you money.

4. Don't take the subway, take a taxi

Although the subway is certainly cheaper, it is also quite inconvenient. The stations are located quite far away from interesting places, so you have to go a long way to get to where you want. Since Dubai is not a walkable city, traveling by taxi is actually the best option - and that's what locals recommend. With the main attractions being quite far apart, the price of taxis in the city is quite reasonable. Also - don't forget to tip the driver!

5. Go to the city center or Dubai Marina instead of The Palm

Unless you're flying on The Palm with a private helicopter, locals will suggest you skip The Palm altogether. Avoid the crazy traffic jams in this area and go to Dubai Marina or the city center instead!

6. Take advantage of Happy Hour

Drinking alcohol in Dubai is quite an expensive job. But that doesn't mean you have to miss it all! Thanks to the many Happy Hour deals throughout the city, you will be able to enjoy a fun night without spending too much money. However, if you miss Happy Hour, don't pay more than SGD 15 to SGD 20 for a bottle of beer.

7. Avoid intimate action in public

Not many tourists are aware of this, but there is a strict gender separation in this country, so even the simplest hug in public can get you into trouble. Even if you will be traveling with people of the same gender, avoid any intimate act while you are in Dubai to avoid scrutiny.

8. Purchase a magazine The Entertainer

As soon as you land in Dubai, go to a convenience store or supermarket and buy a magazine The Entertainer. Although the price may be a bit high (SGD 185), it has a full range of deals and promotions at restaurants and activities you can use during your stay. It is quite worth it!

9. Shopping malls are for fun, not for shopping

If you want to save money, don't spend your money in the big shopping centers of Dubai. For souvenirs and local goods, the best place to buy is open-air markets like Ripe Market in Zabeel Park! Here, you will find lots of antiques, crafts, food, and more.
However, this does not mean that you should not go to famous shopping centers during your stay here. Dubai Mall (one of the shopping centers in the city) has many other things besides shopping, including a range of great recreational activities for anyone with aquariums, the world's largest indoor snow park, Ice skating rink, and bookstore!

10. Be respectful!

Although foreigners are outnumbered by natives in Dubai, it is important to remember that this city has an Islamic civilization. You must, therefore, respect all cultural and traditional features that local people adhere to. For example, visitors must pay attention to the rules in mosques (especially if you plan to visit a few mosques on your trip), be considerate of the elderly and avoid offending the Royal Family.

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