Traveling in Singapore - not good at English, what to do?

Singapore is a country with a developed economy, stable politics, many beautiful scenes and a destination for many tourists from all over the world. 

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In Singapore, people mainly use English for daily communication. When traveling in this country, if you do not know or not good at English you may encounter some problems. So how to have a complete trip to Singapore when not good at English? Join us to learn some "tips" through this article!
Not only Singapore, today, but many countries around the world also use English as their everyday communication language. When going abroad without English you will really struggle, in Singapore, the government encourages people to use English to communicate in everyday life. Therefore, most people living in Singapore know English and can use this language fluently.

Prepare basic sentences in communication

Please prepare the basic sentences in communication and record on a small piece of paper: Sayings, questions such as: "May I ask how to go to X way?", "Is there any upcoming bus? "," How are the tickets? "... all the questions you think are necessary during your travel.

Please express in body language

Don't be afraid to describe, if you can't speak in words, take advantage of body language so the other person can understand you. When they are đunétand surely they will be ready to help you!

Not afraid to say wrong

One of the things that makes it difficult for you to communicate and convey messages while traveling is to be afraid to say wrong ... consider a trip a good opportunity for you to practice your English communication skills, please If you say it wrong, no one will laugh at you.

Go with people who are good at English

If you are not good at English, the best and safest way for you is to go along with other English speakers. In addition, going with many people will help you to avoid more risks.

Take advantage of the power of smartphones

Smartphones and tablets will be of great help to you while traveling! If there is something you do not understand, or want to ask or communicate with people around, do not forget the help of "Google translate"!
In addition, in case you get lost you can use the Smartphone to locate you. You can also use smartphones to find transportation in Singapore.

Traveling by tour

If you are unsure and inexperienced in traveling to Singapore, you should book a quality tour. These tours will often be accompanied by a guide, not only can you communicate with people around, but they will also take you to great places on the beautiful lion island.

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