Sunday, October 20, 2019

Unspoiled beauty on the Pirate Islands

The pirate's hideout has now become a tourist attraction with white sandy beaches and fishing villages located peacefully under the canopy of green rainforest.

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The Hai Tac (Pirate) archipelago is located in Tien Hai commune, Ha Tien city, located nearly 28 km from the mainland. Although not as famous as Phu Quoc and Nam Du, Hai Tac Island is loved by tourists for its pristine scenery and experience of fishing village life. To reach the island, visitors have to travel more than an hour by speedboat from Ha Tien city.
Pirate has 16 large and small islands, of which Big Hon Tre (Hon Doc) is the largest and most populous island in the archipelago. One of the famous sights here is the sovereign stele of the Pirate Islands, built in 1958. The stele is located at the only white sand beach of Doc Island, in the southwest of the island and near the jetty one kilometer.
By the end of the 17th century and the beginning of the 18th century, this area was a place where pirates garrisoned and attacked merchant ships of Southeast Asian countries. The name Pirate has been given to the islands since. Pictured here is a picture of a former pirate's boat, currently located on the coast of Tre Van Islet.
After visiting the sovereignty stele, the next experience visitors often choose is to rent a boat with the people to the smaller islands to see coral, fishing or scuba diving. Guests on the boat will be instructed to hook bait, fishing and enjoy the results right on the boat.
Specialty in the Pirate Islands is sea urchin. People only need to hold a metal clip and dive to a depth of about 3 m to harvest the sea urchin. Diving visitors can join the people to experience this work during the tour. Sea urchin after catching will be screened strong enough to break all thorns, cut in half to eat raw, grilled with onion or cooking porridge.
The scene of a fishing village on the edge of Tre Van island, where boat owners often pass by for tourists to admire the scenery. Mr. Tran Quy Thanh, a ship owner who has lived on the island for 36 years, said that each tour lasts about 4-6 hours depending on the needs of the guests. "Tourists on the island gradually crowded out for 4 years, making life better because of the extra income from selling food, accommodation ... and hearing many new things," Thanh said.
Rest with hammocks inside to relax on the beach. The destination is located on a small island next to Doc Island, connected by a wooden bridge across the sea.
The statue of Lady Chua Xu is located in a temple near the sovereign stele. For the locals, this is a sacred place where they pray for peace in life and long sea trips.
Inside a guest room who go to the island for 150,000 VND per night. Tourism services are still underdeveloped in the Pirate Islands, so visitors are often backpackers or those who like to explore pristine destinations.

Pirate Island doesn't have electricity and internet. There will be two daily blackouts at noon and at night. Visitors need to prepare batteries, standby charge and 3G / 4G sim cards to enjoy the journey.
A row of locals set up to store fishing nets and sell refreshments. Visitors can walk on the concrete road running around the Hon Tre island to visit the scene of the people on the island, with a period of about 2 hours.

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