US travel experience: shopping in SALE season

Traveling to America, you have the opportunity to shop until tiredly, especially at the time of "extremely sale". Join with us to pocket US shopping experiences in the sale season!

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US travel experience: shopping in SALE season

America - A shopping paradise for sale

When traveling to the US, you have the opportunity to buy a lot of branded products at affordable prices, even cheaper than countries in Europe, Australia at the time of "extremely sale" which lasts during big holidays or year-end occasions at markets, shops, shopping centers, ...
US travel experience: shopping in SALE season
America is a shopping paradise, especially in the sale season.
Big sale season usually focuses on holidays such as Easter (April), National day (4-7), Thanksgiving with promotions from November to Christmas, New Year's Day (December) or on summer vacation with the Summer Sale program. You can sign up for an American tour at these times to enjoy the trip to discover the beauty, culture, people in the US and to delight shopping for sale.
US travel experience: shopping in SALE season

Shops, trade centers in the US attract tourists during the sale season

You can find cheap items at supermarkets, markets: Kmart, Wal-Mart, Target or Costco, ... Here the items are mainly for the average population so the price is often cheaper than other places. In addition, familiar brands such as DKNY, Calvin Klein, Tommy, ... are often easily found in big shopping malls such as Macy, South Coast, Nordstrom, ... but prices are usually higher than in markets and supermarkets.

However, if you want to buy branded goods, cheap but not enough size, you can find in TJMaxx, Marshalls, Ross, Factory Outlet ... These places specialize in items with famous brands but are out of fashion, season, even only 10% -20% of the market price.
US travel experience: shopping in SALE season
You can buy cheap brands at the Factory Outlet.

Experience shopping in the US sale season

If you have never shopped in the US during the "big sale" period, please keep in mind a few things following to travel the US during the sale season:

Not afraid, if you like, buy it

You can only spend some time to shop during your travel, so in the sale season, you do not hesitate, if you like, please buy it. Quite a lot of visitors after pondering, despite favoring a lot, but then not buying and then regret because they can not find this item elsewhere. When shopping for a sale, you boldly buy when you feel like that size, color, style, .. if you bring it to the test room that doesn't feel fit or dislikes anymore, rests assured because you absolutely can exchange and return easily at the chain of stores with the same brand in the next tour days. Note that you retain the invoice, keep the product intact, do not cut the bar code and tell the tour guide about your payment goods for assistance.
US travel experience: shopping in SALE season
Do not hesitate as shopping in the US.

Not afraid to bargain

Remember, when buying sales in the US, don't be afraid to bargain. If you find a small error on the item you want to buy such as a lipstick mark, a small scratch, .. if you know how to negotiate or can ask a guide to bargain the price, you will buy the item with the price much lower. The best way to pay the price is to take a tour of major shopping centers in your country before traveling to the United States to learn about the prices of your favorite brands or consult with friends and relatives.

Do not forget to bring containing bags

One important shopping experience in the US when buying a sale is "don't forget to bring a bag". When shopping in the US, make sure you carry an "eco-friendly" canvas or plastic bag, especially in San Francisco that plastic bags have been completely banned since 2007.
US travel experience: shopping in SALE season
Always carry bags when shopping in the US.

Attention to brand

In the US, when buying any item, you should pay attention to the brand to understand the origin, expiry date and some other detailed instructions. For the United States in recent years, when the economy is quite unstable, they are very interested in the origin of the item, especially they only buy goods labeled "Made in American".

Prepare money

A special feature in the American travel shopping experience you need to remember is to prepare money. You should be prepared: change and credit cards, because if you buy a low-value item and give $ 100 to the cashier, they will hesitate and feel uncomfortable. Conversely, when buying an item with a value of several thousand dollars, the cashier will spend a lot of time because they have to check every $ 100 bill you give instead of paying quickly by credit card.
US travel experience: shopping in SALE season
Prepare change and credit cards when shopping in the US.
In addition, a number of other considerations when shopping in the US sales season are different taxes, depending on each state because the tax rates are very much related to the price of each item, for example Las Vegas has taxes. 8.5%, Cali 9%, .. but in Oregon or Delaware, the tax is only 0%, you can consult to choose the most suitable shopping place.

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