Vietnam: Pristine beaches are not far from crowded areas

Visitors can visit the Son Do beach instead of Nha Trang beach, or Ong Lang beach instead of the beach in Duong Dong, Phu Quoc.

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An Bang beach

Very few tourists know about An Bang until it reaches the top 50 most beautiful beaches in the world voted by CNNGo in 2011. An Bang Beach is about 3 km from the center of Hoi An with rich vegetation and fresh air. 

Many people consider An Bang beach to be a great place to travel with family or friends. This place is much quieter and more peaceful than Cua Dai beach. The highlights of An Bang beach are fine sand beaches, smooth waves, and almost intact scenery. Photo: Izzy Pulido.

Son Do beach

Son Dung Beach (Xuan Dung) is located in Van Ninh Province, Khanh Hoa, about 2 hours by motorbike from Nha Trang. This is still a strange name to visitors and still retain many wild features. Son Do is located deep in Van Phong Bay, surrounded by high mountains so the waves are smooth, suitable for snorkeling and sightseeing activities. Photo: Khuong Van.
An interesting feature of Son Do is the underground water near the edge of the sea, people often dig holes right on the sand to get fresh water for living. The tourist services here are mainly made by indigenous people so the price is also affordable and enthusiastic. To get to Son Dung, visitors can take a boat from Van Phong bay or ride the car towards the Co Ma pass to the Mo peninsula. Photo: Khuong Van.

Xep Beach

Xep Beach is located in a peaceful fishing village, about 14 km from Tuy Hoa city. In the past, Bai Xep was rarely frequented, but since the movie "I saw yellow flowers on the green grass" premiered, this beach has been known more.

Arriving at Bai Xep, visitors will not only admire the fresh natural scenery but also immerse themselves in the clear water and roam on the green lawns. The sea here is beautiful but the waves are strong and the waters are receding and swirling quite dangerous. Photo: Vy An.

Ong Lang Beach

About 8 km from the center of Duong Dong town, Ong Lang beach in Phu Quoc is considered by many to be out of the flow of life by the pristine and peaceful. The seawater is very clear, the low slope is ideal for swimming. One of the experiences not to be missed at Ong Lang beach is watching the sunset. In addition, you can also participate in scuba diving, kayaking or go-carting. Photo: Leonievits.

Dam Trau beach

Dam Trau Beach is one of the famous destinations in Con Dao, about 4 km from the district center. The special thing in Dam Trau is that the cliffs leaning against each other make people think of the image of seagulls being attached to each other. Photo: Meogia.

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