Monday, October 21, 2019

Water parks are prohibited from wearing too revealing bikini

Many people have criticized the water park for sexism because they ask guests too " be daring" when wearing a swimsuit.

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Adventure World Water Park, Perth announces new rules for swimwear of visitors when coming here on 10/10. "This is a family-friendly park, so please choose the right swimwear to visit," the park wrote on its Facebook page.

Accordingly, thong pants (string underwear) and G-string (small triangular pants combined with thin strings) will be banned. The park only accepts regular bikinis or shorts. Adventure World also posted a picture to remind visitors about what types of pants are allowed and not allowed.
The park posted instructions on prohibited and standard costumes on arrival. Photo: Adventure World - Official Page.
The post immediately caused fierce debate. Some people welcome the new rule. They think this is a park that many families choose to take their children to play. It would not be appropriate for children to see tourists wearing such sexy swimsuits. A tourist admits she would love to show off his fit body at the park. But she agrees to take children leaving rather let them have to witness the women wearing daring clothes.

Sharon Zuidema, another commentator, said: "The last time I came here with my three teenage children, I couldn't believe the number of people dressed so revealing. I didn't know where to look most of the time."

Besides, some people criticize this as a rule of sex discrimination and a form of disparaging the body of others. The park quickly asserted that its regulations were similar to other parks across the country. They only set standards on clothing and denied discrimination and sexism.

Two other theme parks in Australia have similar dress codes. Offending visitors can purchase appropriate items at the gift shop in the park. Earlier, a female tourist was fined more than $ 50 for wearing improper clothes in Boracay.

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