Travel England explored wells that make everything petrified

Traveling in England, you should not miss the old water well in North Yorkshire with countless strange phenomena and mysterious legends.

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Petrifying well is located on the banks of the Nidd River, the town of Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, England is famous for its ability to turn everything inside into stone in a short time. Facing this strange phenomenon, for a long time local people thought that the well was "cursed by the devil". Even they always have to live in fear of being turned to stone if accidentally touched well water. In particular, the appearance of the Petrifying well looks quite like a giant skull, making the surrounding people more confused. Therefore, for many years no one dared to be near the strange well.
Seen from outside the old water well looks quite like a giant skull. Photo:
However, upon hearing the news of the Petrifying Well, John Leyland, the archaeologist of King Henry VIII, visited the well in 1538. After studying, he wrote in some old documents that many people believed this was a well at first. Magic water has miraculous healing power. Some patients have recovered from bathing or drinking well water. However, when witnessing the objects in the petrified well, people were afraid and did not believe in the healing power of the well. ”
A kettle was petrified at the well. Photo:
In 1630, King Charles I sold the land with this strange well to an English aristocrat named Charles Slingsby. Seeing the opportunity to make money, Charles Slingsby came up with the idea of selling tickets for visitors to admire the unique phenomenon at Petrifying well. The work of this aristocrat accidentally turned the "haunted" water well into the top tourist attraction in England.
Visitors come to admire the strange water well. Photo:
Many visitors drop daily objects into the well to watch the changes. And they were very surprised to see that petrification happened at a very fast rate. Many items turn to stone after just a few weeks, from the top hat to the kettle, teddy bears, or even the bicycle ... Other objects depending on the material will petrify in 6 to 12 months. If you look outside, you will see that petrified objects in the well are covered with a very hard mineral shell.
Many items turned to stone just weeks after being dropped into a well. Photo:
Facing this interesting geological phenomenon, many scientists have taken samples of well water for analysis. Research results show that well water contains a very high concentration of minerals. When an object falls into a well, these minerals will precipitate on the surface to form a hard outer shell like stalactites that form in caves but at a faster rate. The conclusions of scientists have extinguished the ghost stories that have existed for hundreds of years in this land. It is known that because the water at Petrifying Well has high mineral concentration, researchers recommend visitors not to drink or bathe in well water.

When visiting the ancient well, in addition to witnessing the amazing natural phenomena, you can also choose to buy petrified items in the well at the nearby souvenir shop such as teddy bears, rings, clothes ...
A bicycle was petrified at the well. Photo:
The address of Petrifying well is located at Harrogate, High Bridge, Knaresborough, England. You can catch a bus from the Harrogate bus stop to Knaresborough and then walk to the well. The buses come here regularly so you will not lose much time waiting.

Despite being scientifically proven, many people still feel that the Petrifying Well actually contains many mysteries and sacred. Even some people still believe that when they come to the petrified well to pray, their wishes will come true.

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