What about the Khao San Bangkok at night?

Khao San Bangkok "never sleeps", all entertainment and dining in this famous Western street in Thailand take place 24 hours all day of the year.

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Khao San is like the West Bui Vien street in Vietnam, is a famous walking street in Bangkok (Thailand). Located in Banglamphu district, northwest of the capital and located very close to the banks of the Chao Phraya River. It is a bustling street with restaurants, pubs, trolleys, souvenir shops and busy travelers. Anywhere, any time in Khao San Street, regardless of day or night, you will easily enjoy a cool beer or a stomach-lining cake at night.
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How to move to Khao San Bangkok

Khao San Street is located in the old Bangkok district, so there is no convenient Skytrain or MRT systems like Sukhumvit and Siam. The popular means of transportation in this street are buses, in addition, you can take a taxi or boat.

Bus: If traveling from Pattaya to Bangkok, take the bus and stop at Mochit station near the Chatuchak weekend market. You take bus number 512 to Khao San Bangkok, ticket price 15 Baht. If you go from Siam Center, walk to the opposite with a bus stop and take route 15 to Khao San for 7 Baht. The bus in Thailand looks a bit old but very clean. To identify the upcoming bus, notice that if you see the Democracy Monument, get ready to board the bus.

Boat ride on the Chao Phraya River: In this way, you will enjoy the scenery on the river and convenient to visit the temples, other places of interest nearby. You go to the 13th river station which is closest to Khao San, every time seeing the orange flag boat is going, the fare is 15 Baht.

Taxi: This is the fastest and most convenient way to travel, cost about 350 Baht (270,000 VND)

Traveling in Khao San has tuk-tuk, remember to bargain before going, because of it often "overcharge" tourists.

Discover the exciting nightlife in Khao San Street

Tourism in Bangkok would not be complete without going to Khao San, especially those who love to explore, have vibrant and economical trips. During the day, in Khao San street, there are only a few shops of clothes, fruits, and record tapes in general.
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Khao San is the most beautiful at night! Because it is a Western street, in the evening from beginning to end, the street is extremely bustling, everyone dances their best in lively music. In particular, when you come here you will have the opportunity to interact with foreigners everywhere in the world.
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Along the sides of the road are lively restaurants and bars, everyone cheering together happily. In addition, there are street bands playing guitar, music and art performances on the sidewalk. Khao San is considered more vibrant than Walking Street in Pattaya, especially from 23:00 onwards this street seems to be full of people passing by.
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The lively and crowded bars in Tay Khao San street such as:

The Brick Bar - Address at 265 Khaosan Road (same building as Buddy Lodge and McDonald’s). Open from 19 pm to 11:30 am the next day. Rated as the funniest bar in West Street with lively music. Delicious and diverse drinks, but higher prices than other bars. Weekend tickets are 300 Baht, the rest days are free.

Molly 31st - Address at 108 Soi Rambuttri. The opening time is from 18 pm to 2 am the next day. This bar is opposite to Khao San Road, impressed with the beautiful design.
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Tak Sura - Address at 156/1 Tanao Road (Go to lane 156 and come inside for about 5 meters to arrive). Open from 18 pm to 1 am the next day. Impressive bar with nostalgia.

In addition, Adhere the 13th and Gazebo are also two bars to attract tourists in Khao San.

If you don't like the noise, you can choose the rooftop bars to listen to melodious music. Or experience foot massage service, on both sides of the street there are many massage salons costing about 120 Baht for 30 minutes. If you want to shop, you can walk to Thanon market, to choose for yourself fashion items, souvenirs.
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Besides dancing at the bars, entertainment activities then it is time for you to discover Khao San cuisine. The cuisine here is diverse and true to the street features with Thai specialties at affordable prices.
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You can go to Rambuttri street opposite Khao San to enjoy all kinds of snacks such as Pad Thai shrimp costing about 40 Baht, grilled salt fish, meat skewers, sausages or corn only 20 Baht / skewers (15,000 VND ), all kinds of fruits (durian, mango, watermelon ...), Thai tea. The most typical drinks in Khao San are all kinds of beer from Leo to Chang, Tiger with prices ranging from 70 Baht (50,000 VND).
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Attention when coming to West Khao San street Bangkok

- Adhere to the rules such as not pointing at others if you do not want to be annoying, not show a lot of cleavages.

- The police station located at the head of Khao San neighborhood, if you encounter any security issues please come to be solved.

- Pay attention to those who claim to be teachers and invite you to tour, which is essentially a hoax with many tourists who have lost unfair money up to several hundred Bath.

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