Wednesday, October 23, 2019

What to eat in Singapore at Christmas?

In the Christmas season, everywhere on the lion island nation is splendidly decorated with high Christmas trees, sparkling colorful lights ... If you have the opportunity to travel to Singapore at this time, you can also enjoy a lot of delicious, new and extremely attractive food.

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December is known as the month of festivals, love, and reunion in Singapore. Many tourists think this is the most beautiful time of the year with a fun, bustling atmosphere and is a great time for those who love the lion island nation, want to explore the culture and beauty of people here.

Singapore cuisine always brings with it its own beauty, unique style and strange charm. Besides the usual dishes, in the Christmas season you also enjoy a lot of other dishes such as:

Christmas Christmas

Logcake is a special type of cake commonly sold at shops, shopping malls during Christmas in Singapore. The soft, smooth, aromatic and sweet taste of chocolate, the fat of milk, with lovely, thoughtful shapes which will surely make visitors love crazily.
In addition to the chocolate flavor, there is also a variety of flavors, a wonderful blend of white cream, the colors of fruits such as strawberries, grapes, apples ... Each cake usually costs from SGD 30. up to SGD 62.

Premium wagyu grilled beef

This dish originated from Japan - the land of the rising sun, made from the main material is beef. Wagyu was once listed as one of the most expensive dishes in the world. Delicious, nutritious, healthy food is a great choice for you when coming to Singapore at Christmas.

Laksa lobster 

If you feel hungry, if you want to find a delicious, nutritious, energy-efficient food for you during your travel, explore Singapore during the festive season, then the laksa lobster will be a great suggestion. Great for you! The dish has a perfect combination of spice and delicious lobster meat, the fat of coconut water and the aroma of other spices. Of course, this dish is not cheap, but will definitely make you enjoy.

Grilled salmon fillet

When coming to Singapore at Christmas, you will definitely be involved and experience with fun activities and entertainment. To replenish your body, to have good health, confidently explore the peaceful Christmas experience, nourish yourself with grilled salmon fillet. The dish is a harmonious combination of salmon and scallops, with delicious, rich sauce.

Roast turkey stuffed with chestnuts

Just heard the name, the food makes you think of the appeal, fragrant, sweet to the point. Pieces of fresh turkey, marinated in spices, then garnished with a few slices of vegetables. When eating people will souse directly blueberry sauce, giblet sauce ... The dish will surely stimulate the tastes of the culinary believers.

Foie gras pate

Christmas festival will definitely become much more attractive with foie gras pate. The dish seems quite strange to foreigner people which are made in their own style with tiny chopped foie gras served with toast.

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