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What to note when traveling to Japan in the fall?

Many Japanese tourists choose autumn as the time for their next trip. Because this is the season for changing trees, the leaves begin to turn crimson and bright yellow, creating a very romantic scene. So when is the most beautiful red leaf, what the Japanese climate in the autumn like, what to wear in this weather? Here is the information you need to have an interesting and memorable trip to the red leaf season.

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What to note when traveling to Japan in the fall?

What is the best time to see red leaves?

There is no general time for all locations in Japan because the leaves change color depending on the temperature of each year, the location, the type of tree ... For example, there are trees that will lose their leaves after 2 weeks, another last for 1 month. Tokyo at the end of November to see the most beautiful red leaves; Kyoto, Osaka until early December. Here is the best time to see the red leaves in some typical areas that you can refer to select the suitable Japanese tour:

+ Hokkaido (in Sapporo): Late October

+ Sendai City (Miyagi): Mid-November

+ Tokyo: Late November

+ Nagoya: Late November

+ Kyoto, Osaka: Early December

+ Fukuoka: Late November

What to wear when traveling to Japan in the fall?

In general, the time to see the red leaves will fall from late October to early December. The Japanese weather has now become cool, a bit of chill, not as hot as summer. Warm yellow sunshine, suitable for walks, enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and romantic autumn views.
What to note when traveling to Japan in the fall?
Therefore, when packing your luggage for a trip to Japan in the fall, you should bring a few long-sleeved shirts, coats or sweaters, jeans or long skirts and sneakers. If you come to Hokkaido, because the average temperature here is always low, you need to bring a scarf, wool cap, thick coat. Remember closer to the north, the colder the weather.

The 3 best places to see red leaves near Tokyo

1. Kawaguchi Lake in Yamanashi

Kawaguchi Lake is one of the places with brightly beautiful autumn scenery. As one of the five lakes located at the foot of Fuji Mount, Kawaguchi has many deciduous trees growing around the lake. In autumn, the trees change color and dye the whole lake red. Here, you can cruise on the lake, leisurely admire Fuji Mount in the romantic autumn scene with mixed colors such as red, yellow, orange ...
What to note when traveling to Japan in the fall?
Kawaguchi Lake in Yamanashi.

2. Hitachi Kaihin Park in Ibaraki

Traveling to Japan in the fall is indispensable for Hitachi Kaihin Park in Ibaraki. Every year, tourists flock to the park to see the Miharashi Hills covered with a bright red of Kochia trees. Looking down from the top of the hill, the Kochia trees in front of the wind look like fireballs lighting entire land, in contrast to the lush green patches of sky. A beautiful scene heartening people.
What to note when traveling to Japan in the fall?
Hitachi Kaihin Park in Ibaraki.

3. Ginkgo Boulevard in Tokyo

Autumn in Japan is indispensable for the sparkling yellow of the almond tree. And one of the most beautiful places to see the yellow almond trees is on Ginkgo Avenue. This road is located in Meiji Jingu Gaien Park, with nearly 150 almond trees along the sides. In the fall, Ginkgo Boulevard seems to be "inlaid with gold" by almond tree leaves falling to the ground. The scenery is amazingly beautiful.
What to note when traveling to Japan in the fall?
Ginkgo Boulevard in Tokyo.

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