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Where husband and wife share a bed but sleep in two countries

Where husband and wife share a bed but sleep in two countries
At the Arbez hotel, if couples argue, they can completely sleep in France and Switzerland, even though they share a bed.

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Cure, a small village located on the border of France and Switzerland, was voted by many tourists as one of the most interesting honeymoon destinations in the world. This interesting thing is located at a hotel in the village - Arbez.
Where husband and wife share a bed but sleep in two countries
Arbez Hotel is where guests can sleep at the same time in two countries. Photo: AOL.
This hotel is located in France and Switzerland. In the hotel lobby, there is a dividing line that divides the territories of the two countries. The border also ran through a double bed, set in a room for honeymooners. Therefore, when sleeping on this bed, the couple share a bed but each person is located in a country.
Where husband and wife share a bed but sleep in two countries
The room where the border divides the bed. Photo: Logis.
Also because of the unique geographic location, the tour itinerary of tourists often reversed. As usual, when planning a trip, you will choose a destination first and then a hotel reservation. But in this alpine village, you can book a room at Arbez and then decide where you want to go on vacation, France or Switzerland.

Since its inception, this two-star hotel has been the destination of many travelers. They come here for relaxation, honeymoon or cross-country skiing. Not only the wedding room, many other rooms in the hotel were also divided by the border. Some rooms, guests sleep with their heads in French soil, while their feet are in Switzerland. Another room covers most of the country, but toilets are located in another country. You also do not need to show your passport to the customs whether traveling "across the border".

For decades, France and Switzerland have disputed the Dappes valley, which is more than 3 km long and just north of Geneva. The dispute began when Napoleon annexed the area to France in 1802. After the defeat at the Battle of Waterloo, the land was returned to the Swiss, but France still wanted to take over. Finally, Switzerland ceded the land to its neighbor and in exchange for some French lands in the northeast. The handover is scheduled for 2/20/1863.

Cure Village was previously located on the French border. However, when dividing the border, this village is located on the territory of both countries. A local resident, Ponthus, decided to build bars and groceries on the borders of the two countries, before it took effect. In 1921, Jules-Jean Arbeze bought this building from the heirs of the Ponthus family, and founded the Arbez hotel. Up to now, at least three houses, a pub, a hotel with a border run through and split in half.

Brief information:

Arbez Hotel (full name Arbez Franco-Suisse) is currently operated by a French company. This company is responsible for paying taxes to both countries. When the French government banned smoking in pubs and restaurants in 2008, this rule was applied to Switzerland's part, in the hotel's dining room. Hotel room rates from 100 Euro a night.

Arbez Hotel is located at 39220 Les Rousses, Cure Village. From Geneva, visitors take nearly 50 minutes by car, crossing A1 road that can be reached.

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