Thursday, October 17, 2019

Where visitors bathe in giant wine tubs

In addition to soaking, many visitors also like to scoop up the wine in the bath and enjoy it directly.

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Located about 80 km from Tokyo, a resort in the Hakone Kowakien Yunessun water park attracts visitors by 26 incredible baths. In some tanks, water is completely replaced by sake, red wine, coffee and green tea. The materials used for bathing guests are completely natural, hygienic and pumped continuously.
Hakone Kowakien Yunessun water park
Guests can enjoy wine while soaking. Photo: Hakone Japan.
Tea for bath is grown in the mountains of Hakone and Tanzaniaawa, and coffee is brewed with natural hot spring water before serving visitors. There is also a waiter at the spot. However, there are many visitors scooping wine in the tub and enjoy immediately.

The resort claims that red wine beauty treatments have been used regularly by the ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra or the Queen Mary. In fact, red wine can not only rejuvenate but also dry skin.

However, Yunessun's other bathrooms actually offer health benefits. Sake bath has the ability to remove freckles and age spots. In addition, the green tea bath works to rejuvenate the skin and boost the immune system.

The spa also has many baths with the theme of the dead sea, ancient Roman baths or jellyfish baths. Another attraction of the park is the Redeo Mountain bath, where hot water is pumped continuously throughout the winter. On Valentine's day, visitors can take a dip in sweet chocolate.
Hakone Kowakien Yunessun water park
Chocolate bath is celebrated on Valentine's day. Photo: Yunessun.
The Hakone region is known for its scenic Fuji Mount and hot springs. Therefore, Yunessun resort has taken advantage to develop resort tourism. This is considered a health care destination, where visitors can experience hot spring caves, saunas, Dutch baths, Turkish baths, aromatherapy pools, and coal spas.

Entrance fee for the resort's bathtubs is 4,100 yen (about VND 880,000) for adults and 2,100 yen (more than 450,000 VND) for children.

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