Thursday, October 17, 2019

Why hotel bed sheets are usually white

White has many uses, and also helps a lot for hotel staff when cleaning or decorating the room.

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Not only tourists but even the new hotel staff have ever wondered about the color of the bed sheets. Most hotels choose white for this item, instead of the colorful designs and rich patterns available on the market. Of course, this also has a reason.

Look clean and create a sense of security

Why hotel bed sheets are usually white
Just like the white blouse of a doctor, the white of the bed sheet will bring a sense of cleanness, purity and safety to those lying on them. You will feel more secure when lying on a strange bed but covered with white cushions. According to science, bright colors also help you fall asleep more easily, creating a sense of relaxation.

Easy to detect stains

White also makes customers feel confident in cleanliness because if they have small stains or small Smears you can also detect them quickly with the naked eye. If the sheets are dark or have too many patterns, you will hardly see the stain and it feels like the hotel is trying to hide something. Someone must have wondered how often this sheet is laundered once. But things will be simpler if the white cushion.

Easy in decoration and color scheme

White is a basic color, neutral, can be placed next to any color, whether dark or light. Therefore, they will help interior designers more comfortable coordinating colors for the room. White sheets fit most items in the room from pillowcases, curtains, wallpaper, sofa color, carpet color ... without fear of their "fighting" colors. In addition, the color itself is very elegant, sophisticated and luxurious. Especially, they are never out of date, so hotels don't have to worry about updating according to new trends.
Why hotel bed sheets are usually white

Easy to replace

The fact that many people use continuously can cause problems such as broken, torn, unwashable stains, forced to replace. If the bedding comes in a special set, pattern or color, then one sheet or a pillow case must be removed, it means that set must be removed. And when using a simple set, if broken, the hotel only needs to replace one without affecting aesthetics, avoiding waste.

Easy to clean

As a rule, sheets are changed after the former guest checks out or before the new guest checks in. They will be washed. With white, laundry staff do not have to struggle to sort the sheets with towels, face towels because they are the same color and only need to be washed together once. If there are stains, using bleaching chemicals white will be more convenient instead of afraid of fading like other colors.

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