Why is a sketch painting of Da Vinci insured at over 1 billion euros?

What inspired the sketch of "The Vitruvian Man" and why was the sketch so valuable?

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The painting Vitruvian Man.
The famous painting "The Vitruvian Man" by Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519) has an insurance price of over 1 billion euros. The work is about to be lent to the Louvre Museum (in Paris, France) for display in an exhibition honoring the career of Da Vinci, on the occasion of commemorating the 500th anniversary of the death of the artist.

Here, the sketch will be displayed along with hundreds of paintings, sketches, notepads, statues, artifacts ... made by Da Vinci from the 15th century. Particularly the sketch " The Vitruvian Man ”is required to be displayed under strictly controlled conditions of temperature and humidity.

While the exhibition has begun this week and will last until February next year, the sketch "The Vitruvian Man" only started appearing at the show from the end of this month and stayed here for a few weeks instead of many months of the exhibition.

Authorities in Italy had previously been concerned that transporting the sketch on a long journey from the Accademia Gallery (in Venice, Italy) to the Louvre (in Paris, France) would be too adventurous to fragile drawings. But the "Leonardo Da Vinci" exhibition taking place at the Louvre is a blockbuster event for the art world, so the anxiety had to give in.
Self-portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci.
Da Vinci is considered a legendary artist with ideas beyond the era he lived. During the Renaissance, he was a prominent name. Before his death at age 67, Da Vinci became an expert in many fields: painting, sculpture, architecture, science, music, mathematics, engineering, literature, anatomy, geography, astronomy, flora, paleontology ...

Among his drawings, "The Vitruvian Man" is the most famous. The fragile painting dating back to 530 years old was placed in a sealed glass container, located inside the trunk of a truck with temperature-humidity control, escorted strictly on the way to the Louvre to participate in the exhibition.

In fact, to protect the painting, Accademia Gallery often places the painting in the dark instead of displaying it, because the light will make the painting deteriorate quickly. During the short stay of the exhibition, "The Vitruvian Man" will be admired by millions of visitors to the Louvre.

Let's find out why this painting is so important and has such a "terrible" insurance price ...

The meaning of the painting

A handwritten notebook by Leonardo Da Vinci is displayed at the exhibition.
The painting named "The Vitruvian Man" by Da Vinci was inspired by the famous architect Vitruvius Roman period (75 BC - 15 BC). The drawing shows the ideal proportions of the human body, which was once designed by the architect Vitruvius in the documents he left behind.

In his drawing, Da Vinci wanted to depict that the human body is in harmony with the principles of the universe because it can be placed in both squares and circles, like the fusion of a "square" round universe" and that man is the quintessence of all things. The painting is made by writing ink on paper with a paper size of 35 x 25 cm.

Da Vinci completed this painting around 1490 when the artist was 38 years old. This was not simply a sketch, but an illustration of the interesting presentation that he was about to make in a conversation with his sponsor at the time, which was why he had actually done the drawing on premium ink and paper at that time.

The drawing is the result of love for ... anatomy

Inside the exhibition space "Leonardo Da Vinci" is taking place at the Louvre.
During his lifetime, Da Vinci was very interested in anatomy, he has been working hard on this field, the purpose is to improve the art of portraiture and understand more about the mechanism of operation of the human body. He made several books on the topic of anatomy during his lifetime.

Journey of the painting

During the period from 1482 to 1499, Da Vinci lived in Milan (Italy). The "Vitruvian Man" was painted in 1490.

The painting remained in Milan for over 300 years. In the early 19th century, the painting was owned by art collectors living in Milan - Gaudenzio de 'Pagave, who later sold the painting to Giuseppe Bossi, a painter and painting expert who Italy also lives in Milan.

The Accademia Gallery (in Venice, Italy) started owning this painting in 1822 after being sold from Bossi.

What explains the attractiveness of the painting?

Inside the exhibition space "Leonardo Da Vinci" is taking place at the Louvre.
"The Vitruvian Man" is a testament to Da Vinci's talent, and it also shows the lofty ideas of the harmony of man and the universe, a testament to the perfect balance of the human body and its correlations of the human body with science - mathematics.

The painting has been featured in many television shows about the history of painting, appearing on coins, on designs and becoming part of popular culture.

Value of the drawing

The Vitruvian Man is invaluable because the Accademia Gallery will never sell it. The painting is insured at over one billion euros. The latest painting made by Leonardo Da Vinci is for sale on the market - the "Salvator Mundi" - sold for more than 450 million euros in 2017.
Inside the exhibition space "Leonardo Da Vinci" is taking place at the Louvre.
However, since the successful sale, the painting has not reappeared at any of the exhibits because it started to raise doubts about whether or not it was actually made by Da Vinci or not.

In contrast, the sketch "The Vitruvian Man" was certainly made by Da Vinci, if for some reason, the painting is auctioned, then in terms of origin, as well as the influence to art and popular culture, the estimated price for painting would be limited to ... "sky."
The moment the painting "Salvator Mundi" was pegged to a record price

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