Friday, October 18, 2019

Why not ring the bell in a bar in Pattaya?

Ringing a bell in a bar means you must 'pack' drinks for all guests and staff present.

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Recently, an Oman man came to the bar on Na Klua Road in Pattaya with a Thai girlfriend. While drinking, he rang the bell about 20 times, resulting in a bill of 53,000 baht (about 40.8 million VND) for the party. He tried to explain that he didn't know the rules, but the shopkeeper didn't accept it and they had to meet the police for a trial. After 30 minutes of negotiation, resolutely refusing to pay a large amount of money, the guest had to pay 14,500 baht (more than 10 million VND), the price is too expensive for a few glasses of drinking water in a bar.
The scene in a bar in Pattaya.
The scene in a bar in Pattaya.
For a long time, most bars in Pattaya existed a tradition of hanging a few bells that looked very normal but carried a "powerful" force because when someone rang the bell, it meant they would cover the whole bar. Both staff and guests present, no one can intervene. If you're as lucky as an Omani visitor, you can negotiate a reduction in your money after spending bargain moments at the police station. On the contrary, you must comply with the rules if you do not want to be in trouble.

On travel forums, many people share that they have ever been in this unlucky case and think that this is a type of abuse of customers who are drunk, out of control because of the yeast, leading to paying a large amount of money. However, both the police and the locals consider ringing in bars a culture and advise you to stay away if you don't "play". Western countries also have a tradition of ringing a bell in a bar, but that's when you want to tip (tip) to the waitress or restaurant staff. Therefore, you should ask the staff before you intend to ring a certain bell in the bars in Pattaya.

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