Young people show their photos with the white reed in Binh Lieu

Binh Lieu (Quang Ninh) the last days of autumn is not only beautiful by the majestic road, but also becomes dreaming with the white grass fields all over the hillsides.

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Compared to "Sa Pa miniature" in the heart of Quang Ninh, Binh Lieu is a destination that attracts tourist believers because of its beautiful, gentle scenery. About 270 km from Hanoi, this place is a land of a harmonious combination between the majestic and powerful elements of a road with romantic and poetic beauty when stepping into the blooming reed season. Photo: Joyce.buii.
In the last days of autumn, Binh Lieu transformed itself "gently" with a picture of white reeds throughout the sky. The reed season here has become a land of dreamers and romance. Photo:, talypham1911.
With a romantic landscape, this place promises to be a poetic background for you to unleash "virtual living". In the late autumn and early winter, the air gradually cools, this is the right time to come here to take pictures and visit. Photo: Ductuuu, macthuong97.
In particular, in the middle of the grass hill is the stairs leading to the top, you can follow the stairs to go up. Setting foot in the "dinosaur's back" filled with reeds, you will be zoomed in to the distance to see the vast natural scenery, enjoy the pleasant, peaceful atmosphere of the sky. Photo: Nguyengiang2896.
In addition to the gentle beauty of the reed grass, you can also check-in with a unique and wonderful winding road in Binh Lieu. Photo: Kien_trung,
Coming to Binh Lieu, the season of reeds, you can visit more interesting places here such as Khe Van waterfall, Song Mooc village, Cao Xiem peak ... Photo: Joyce.buii, hue.miinh.

Young people show their photos with the white reed in Binh Lieu Young people show their photos with the white reed in Binh Lieu Reviewed by Duy Khiêm on October 28, 2019 Rating: 5

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