10 countries not for women traveling alone

If you are planning to travel alone, consider the list of countries not for solo travelers below. These countries are rated dangerous for solo female travelers.

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10. Egypt: Many terrorist attacks in public places or tourist areas have made the country dangerous. Visitors should choose loose clothing, covering their wrists, ankles and even hair to show respect for local dress standards and avoid attracting attention. In particular, eye contact can be considered as flirting, so wearing sunglasses will help visitors avoid being disturbed. Photo: Shutterstock.
9. Morocco: Pickpocketing, street robbery, theft are serious problems in this country, especially in big cities and tourist areas. Female visitors should avoid wearing belly-exposed shirts, short pants, and slender strap shirts to limit undue attention. If lost, visitors are advised to visit the store to ask or ask women for help instead of strange men. Photo: Idriss.
8. Jamaica: Although at a resort that looks safe, female travelers should still be careful. The US State Department has stated: "The embassy has received more than a dozen reports of sexual assaults on American visitors to Jamaica over a 12-month period. Most of the above incidents took place at the resort by the employees themselves. "Photo: Mikolajn.
7. India: Although this is an attractive tourist destination, sexual violence is becoming painful in this country. To stay safe, female travelers need to avoid making eye contact and especially do not chat with strange men as this may be mistaken as a sexual signal. Wearing long, loose clothes and never walking alone at night are the points that women should keep in mind when coming here. Photo: Vishnudeep.
6. Peru: Sexual harassment on buses is common in Lima and the country's major cities. The situation of old taxi drivers robbing or raping female passengers occurs frequently, especially with foreign women traveling alone. Therefore, travelers should always travel with a trusted companion or locals, or ask their hotel/motel to call a taxi from a reputable agency. Photo: Errin.
5. Bahamas: According to the United Nations report, this is one of the places of the highest sexual assault cases in the Caribbean. Therefore, the advice to ensure the safety of travelers is always in the resort area or crowded places. Photo :: Leonardo.
4. Colombia: Violence between domestic drug trafficking, crime, and kidnapping gangs makes it a dangerous place for tourists. To stay safe, female travelers should refrain from walking alone at night to avoid being harassed on the street. Another point to note is that women should not call a taxi on the side of the road but must always make an appointment. Photo: Elnavegante.
3. Ecuador: Crime (pickpockets, robbers, hotel room thieves), kidnapping, sexual assault and rape are still big issues here. Female travelers should only board registered taxis in case they have to catch a taxi by themselves. The hallmark of these taxis is the orange number plate on the front and back of the vehicle. These cars are also equipped with security cameras and emergency stop buttons in the passenger seat area. Photo: Will.
2. Turkey: Many terrorist attacks related to the shootings and bombs in tourist areas across Turkey have led to concerns about the safety of this country. Costumes are very important here, so female travelers should bring a scarf and use it as a head covering when needed (for example, when visiting a mosque). Photo: Franacisco.
1. Guatemala (Central America): This place attracts a large number of tourists each year by many mysteries about the ancient Mayan city - Kaminaljuyu. However, the threat of violent crime here is assessed as very serious. Many female tourists are advised to use a hip bag to limit theft and learn some Spanish phrases to be able to ask for help. Photo: Galyna.

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