Discover the famous mural village in Korea

As one of the famous check-in locations in Busan (South Korea), Gamcheon Mural Village attracts visitors by colorful houses close to the coast.

In the 1950s, Gamcheon was inhabited by impoverished refugees. In 2009, the city government of Busan and the local artists began to remodel the place by turning old houses into vivid works of art. Since then, the Gamcheon fresco village has become a tourist attraction for millions of visitors each year.
With the emergence of cafes, restaurants and souvenir stalls, the Gamcheon fresco village quickly became the ideal destination for tourist devotees. Most visitors come here can not miss the check-in with the walls painted in bright colors.
The houses in Gamcheon are quite limited in size and height, so most visitors have to stoop to be able to enter. Even many homes are only as small as the bedroom.
Coming to Gamcheon mural village, do not forget to visit the lovely cafes with views of the panoramic village from above. In addition, visitors can also buy a few hand-made souvenirs at the shops here at affordable prices.
Another interesting experience that you should not miss when you come here is to visit and take photos of the check-in in the village in traditional Hanbok costume. Just having a trip to the Gamcheon mural village in late October, travel blogger Ly Thanh Co shared: "You should spend the morning walking, taking pictures as well as visiting the lovely shops here because the light of this time is beautiful and not harsh. "
If departing from the Busan subway station, visitors will take about 15 minutes to move to Toseong station and then walk a bit further to reach the village of Gamcheon fresco.

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