Famous glass buildings in the world

Not inferior to China, the country leading the trend of building glass bridges, many countries around the world also own spectacular glass constructions in famous wonders.

Glacier Skywalk (Alberta, Canada): Located in Jasper National Park (Canada), Glacier Skywalk is designed with a 400 m long bow shape, protruding 30 m from the cliff. Above is the sky, under the glacier, the Rocky Mountains stand towering before and behind is a vast space. This 4-dimensional glass bridge is a challenge not all visitors dare to conquer. Photo: Getty Images.
Overcoming fear and zooming eye 360-degree panoramic view, visitors will emotionally be torn by the beauty full of vitality of nature here. Glacier Skywalk has been open to visitors since April 2014. Photo: Getty Images.
Aiguille du Midi Skywalk (Chamonix, France): This glass box structure is one of the highest tourist attractions in Europe. The magic makes the Aiguille du Midi famous come from a three-layer glass structure of 12 mm thick, is located more than 3,800 meters in altitude. The experience of standing in this spectacular glass box gives visitors an unforgettable impression. Photo: B.Delapierre.

Turning every angle of the majestic scenery into your eyes, you feel like being suspended in midair, both fear and excitement. In particular, the snow-covered mountain ranges and the undulating Bossons glaciers below will become the perfect backdrop for your selfie. Aiguille du Midi Skywalk opened in December 2013. Photo: Pinterest, B.Delapierre.
Grand Canyon Skywalk (Arizona, USA): The classic work in the "glass globe" is located in the great Grand Canyon, the landscape is ranked among the first natural wonders of the world. The horseshoe-shaped glass bridge has a transparent floor 1.220 m above the ground. Glass floor has 8 layers (each layer is 1 cm thick) and the maximum capacity at a time is 120 people. Photo: Grandcanyonwest.
Dachstein Skywalk (Salzburg, Austria): Dachstein Skywalk is located in the city of Salzburg (Austria), opened in July 2013. This glass bridge is one of the 4 tourist attractions of the Dachstein glacier - UNESCO World Heritage Site. Photo: Getty Images.
Dachstein Skywalk at an altitude of 2,700 m above the Alps, including a glass bottom observatory, suspension bridge and a 14-step "staircase to nothing" version towards the Dachstein glacier with beautiful views. Photo: Getty Images.

Infinity room House on the Rock (Wisconsin, USA): Initially, House on the Rock was built as a private residence, then opened to the public in 1959. As one of the famous architecture in the later 1980s, the infinity room at House on the Rock was 66 meters long and had more than 3,000 small windows on either side. The building is designed based on themes of American heritage, classical music and Christmas. Photo: House on the Rock, Highestbridges.

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