Friday, November 8, 2019

The land has the most beautiful women in the world

Hunza Valley (Pakistan) is known as the place with the most beautiful women in the world. The natural scenery here also makes visitors admired by the beauty of a fairyland.

The Hunza Valley is isolated on an altitude of more than 2,000 m, north of Pakistan. This is the inhabited place of the Hunza, also known as the Burusho tribe. This tribe is famous for having a high average life expectancy and many of the most beautiful women in the world. Photo: Getty.
The Hunza live mainly on agriculture. The food sources here are grown and raised by the local people. They use glacier water for eating and living, a diet high in fiber, milk, and cereals. According to Gaia, that is one of the reasons that help the tribes people longevity. Photo: Feng wei, Flickr.
According to the Telegraph, Burusho tribesmen have a high average life expectancy, which is on the list of 14 places people have a longer life expectancy than normal. Women in Hunza are famous for their attractive looks. They have bright skin, deep eyes, harmonious lines. The secret of supple health, the appearance of Hunza's vitality is attributed to the clean water and fresh air in a separate place from the world. Photo: Shutterstock.
Many visitors to Hunza are impressed with the majestic and pure natural beauty of this land. The unique beauty of this place is marked through the ripe apricot season. Apricot is one of the main food sources of the Hunza. The scenery of the girls sitting in the golden apricot yard makes many photographers captivated. Photo: Shutterstock, hiveminer.
The nature of Hunza in autumn owns the most beautiful scenes by the golden coniferous forest. Visitors can visit the isolated valley to admire the beautiful scenery of changing leaves around September to November each year. Photo: thekarakoramclub, nature.pakistan.
One of the things many tourists consider Hunza as a paradise on earth is because of its slow, peaceful pace of life. According to Gaia, Hunza is on the list of happy lands in the world. This tribal people love farming, living in harmony with nature, having a healthy diet and exercise, and a lifestyle towards minimalism. Photo: Shutterstock.
To visit Hunza, from Islamabad (Pakistan), tourists travel to Gilgit city by air. From Gilgit, you can travel by Natco bus or jeep about 2-3 hours to reach the Hunza valley. Photo: ali.emraan.

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