Photos of Ho Chi Minh City in the top most beautiful in the world

Three photos with different views of Ho Chi Minh City are among the 50 best photos of the contest # Urban2020 organized by Agora.

Agora's Urban Theme Photo Contest # Urban2020, a photo sharing app, attracts up to 21,322 works by professional and amateur photographers from around the world. The first prize of the contest, $ 1,000, will be announced in January after summing up the voting results.

One of the top 50 most beautiful photos of the contest is a photo taken by @anhtrungqng in the streets at rush hour in Ho Chi Minh City.
Vietnam's next work in the top 50 is entitled "Saigon Vietnam". The author @nguyenvuphuoc recorded the moment of two female workers working at the construction site of Ho Chi Minh City metro line.
Two different worlds - the work of @hadangkhoa shows a special perspective, showing the opposition between tall buildings and ramshackle huts on the banks of the Saigon River.
This photo is named Vessel. This is also the name of a restructuring project consisting of many interconnected stairs in Manhattan, New York, USA. The work was taken by @ericc_photography.
"Trap" is a Hong Kong photo of @ laboussole.seon. The view of the sky narrowed among towering condominiums is typical in Hong Kong.
The night view of Rome, Italy, is a photo of @henrydo composed of two separate photos taken at two different times of the Colosseum arena.
Urban sunset by author @msubirats taken while visiting a famous destination of the city of Munich, Germany.
"Tokyo rhythm" is a picture depicting the busy atmosphere on the streets of the Japanese capital on a rainy day. Author @cunodebruin shared, "Blue, neon lights and rain create a vivid urban image."
@Joelfriend's work, "The Lonely Morning in London," captures the sunrise on a tower bridge in the British capital.
An aerial photo called "Boat City" by @azinronnie capturing her hometown Dhaka, Bangladesh. These large boats are used to transport bricks, sand and cargo.

Photos of Ho Chi Minh City in the top most beautiful in the world Photos of Ho Chi Minh City in the top most beautiful in the world Reviewed by Duy Khiêm on January 11, 2020 Rating: 5

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