Island for rent of 40 USD per night

Coming to Falconera, visitors are escaped from the busy of Venice, experiencing the life in bee breeding farms, oysters and vegetables. 

Falconera island has a 200.000 m2 area in Venice, which is an ideal place for an "isolating" vacation as tourists can rent the whole island with a price of just 42 USD per night for one person. This place receives a maximize of 16 tourists. 

Falconera locates near Cavallino-Treporti town in the Venetian swamp. On the island, there is a house just enough space for 16 people. Seeing from above, covering across the island is a green color of plants, farms, and many outside spaces for tourists to experience. 

The island belongs to Anna Sarzetto's family which she inherited this property from her father. Since taking over this island, Anna has renovated her grand mother's house into accommodation for tourists, helping her family has more income. Recently, her family built a farm on the island to grow astiso, tomato, breed chicken for eggs. 

Inside the house, there is a big dining room with an old-fashion ceil, 7 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms. These rooms are suitable for even single-tourists, ether couples or families, groups of friends. 

Anna began to lease her island to tourists 3 years ago. She realized that this job brought her experience of "traveling all over the world right here at her house" as she greets visitors from corners of the world. 

Anna also breeds bee, oyster, and catches fish from the swamp, so tourists relaxing in Falconera also spoilly experience the daily life of Venetian people. 

Anna said: "All products we make are clean, friendly with the environment. In addition, honest that has a special taste thanks to taking pollen by us from trees growing around the island".

On the island, tourists often see flocks of flamingos foraging the prey around swamps. Spring and autumn are the most suitable times to admire the flocks. 

During the months of summer, tourists relaxing on the island can hold a barbecue party outside, tourists can make a campfire in the winter. 

Tourists book the room via Airbnb and move to the island by boat, which just takes 8 minutes from Cavallino-Treporti town. 

The renting price of the whole island for 16 persons is 677 USD/night, so each one costs 42 USD. If guests travel alone or in a couple then the room price will be 94 USD/night. 

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