24 hours of Moc Chau experience

In addition to visiting tea hills, visitors can hunt for clouds in Hang Kia - Pa Co or watch Moc Chau from above.

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If you are in Moc Chau town, you should wake up at 4:30 am, ride a motorbike to Hang Kia - Pa Co, the junction of Mai Chau district, Hoa Binh province, and Van Ho district, Son La province. This place is 40 km from the center of Moc Chau town (about 1 hour to move) towards Hanoi to be able to catch the sunrise in time from 5 am - 6 am.

Going along Highway 6 from Moc Chau, tourists turn to Pa Co market and go another 7 km to reach the cloud hunting spot. Or if you are afraid to move early in the morning, you can choose to stay at a homestay near Hang Kia - Pa Co.

Not having to walk long distances, climbing mountains for a long time like cloud hunting spots in Pha Luong, Ta Xua, Lao Tham ... Tourists can ride motorbikes, cars near the cloud hunting spot and walk about 200m . The right time to hunt for clouds falls in September to April next year.

On beautiful days after rain, the ideal weather, appearing before your eyes is a sea of white clouds, the sky changes from pink at dawn to clear blue. You can combine a sea of clouds with spreading cosmos field, wooden swings, or small scenes built by locals for tourism. Ticket price: 15,000 VND, including parking for motorbikes.

Passionate about photography, nature visitors should spend 2-3 hours to enjoy the scenery from sunny to high and take some time to rest. Leaving Hang Kia - Pa Co around 9am, you go to the Pa Co market for breakfast, explore the local people's life before returning to Moc Chau town.

There are many accommodation establishments for tourists to rest in Moc Chau town. MAMA's House is a homestay address that is familiar to many young people who want to find a quiet garden, suitable for rest and ideal for taking pictures. Afternoon at the homestay to check-in, you can leisurely walk through the pine forest of Ang village located just a few hundred meters away, go to the garden to harvest vegetables with the owner to prepare a meal, or simply sit under the plum canopy to read book, relax in the lovely campus of the house.

In addition, Moc Chau also has many other homestay addresses for tourists to choose The November Homestay, House on the stream Homestay ... Room rates for two people from 300,000 VND / night. Meals at the homestay are priced at 50,000 - 150,000 VND / person depending on the menu.

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From the center of Moc Chau, you can watch the immense tea hills with no tourists right at Nong Truong Moc Chau town. At the top of the tea hill is an abandoned reservoir. Visitors can stand from here and admire the vast space of the tea hills on a September afternoon. 

On the hills where oolong tea is grown, you'll see a smoother, darker green than snow shan tea. Compared with famous spots such as the heart tea hill, this place is not too crowded and less commercialized, so you will feel a closer and more natural Moc Chau. Visitors to the farm tea village have no entrance fee.

When sunset falls and leaves the green tea hills, you can climb to the top of the mountain where Moc Chau TV radio station is located at the intersection of Moc Chau town, at the foot of slope 75. From here, you can see the whole view of Moc Chau town and the pine forest in Ang village. On clear days, from the top of the mountain, you can also see Pha Luong peak looming on the Laos border side.

At the end of a short 24-hour Moc Chau journey, visitors can choose a Limousine to Hanoi with the latest trip at about 7:00 p.m., ticket price 220,000 VND / person.

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