Backpacking tourism in Singapore, the most economical way of spending

As one of the richest countries in Southeast Asia, Singapore is famous for its high standard of living and the cost of traveling to this island nation is not cheap. In fact, this also depends on many factors: where you plan to go, what to visit, what to eat, accommodation, and especially where to shop.

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Here are tips to help you travel Singapore the most economically while still being able to enjoy the most of your vacation.

Budget Singapore backpacker with cheap accommodation

Singapore backpackers save on their vacation costs in many ways. Some options can be mentioned such as renting cheap rooms, dorm rooms, or accepting sharing rooms with other travelers. In addition, the popular form of "capsule" hotels in other tourist cities has also begun to appear in Singapore (with very complete facilities). However, this place is not really suitable for those who love privacy and quiet (not to mention you must be very careful to keep your belongings and money here).

If you want the most economical Singapore backpacking travel, the recommended accommodation area is Little India. With the price of 1 bed in the dorm room is SGD 20-60 / unit, single rooms are priced from SGD 60, and double rooms (cheap types) cost about SGD 100.

In addition to using cheap accommodation, many Singapore backpackers save money by sleeping at the airport on their first and last night in Singapore. This is also relevant indeed, as cheap flights often fly late and finding means to get into the city at this point can be quite expensive. Moreover, Changi Airport - Singapore is also rated by backpackers as one of the safest and most comfortable places to sleep.

Some hotel options you can refer to

Super savings: Vintage Inn Singapore

Selected by backpackers: Bunc @ Radius Little India

Premium Dorm: Adler Hostel

Cheap Single Room: Tresor Tavern Hotel

Popular eateries

There is a saying that in Singapore is where you can choose between $ 3 for a full meal or $ 300 for the best restaurants in the world. Therefore, if you want to travel to Singapore economically: stay away from the tourist focus area and go to places where gourmet often go.

Try Lau Pa Sat at the CBD (Central Business District), where you can sample a variety of cuisines from Sing to Thai, Korean, Chinese, Indian and even Vietnamese. Only about SGD 3 to 10 per plate. Another option for good food - cheap on a budget Singapore backpacker journey is the famous Chinatown (Chinatown) for the Maxwell district - where all food lovers flock to and gather cheap street food. Or you can also try Tekka Center in Little India (great if you choose to stay in the same area).

Travel Singapore on a budget with a promotional drink

Singapore is famous for the top luxury pubs in the area and of course, the price is also around the same. However, it is revealed to you that even when traveling Singapore on a budget you can still enjoy these drinks. 

Some cheap and stylish bars that you can try are Five Izakaya Bar (SGD 5 for a beer, all day prices) or Ice Cold's @ SMU (SGD 10 for a bowl). At night, you can go to Clarke Quay. This nightlife venue has countless bars with the opportunity to buy 1 - get 1 free during golden hours (usually from around 17:00 - 19:00).

Besides, some places will give you discounts on arrival during the daytime (12:00 - 19:00) such as Fremantle Seafood Market (5SGD for wine or beer), Little Saigon (50% off drinks until 20:00) ), Bungy Bar (SGD 9 / bowl from 13:00 - 21:00) or at Verne Pizza Bar (free pizza for customers who buy drinks over SGD 15) *

* Note: promotions, prices may change from time to time.

Savings for sightseeing

Singapore has some of the best places to visit and play in the world. Some of the most attractive places in Singapore are Universal Studio Singapore (USS), Night Safari, Singapore Flyer, Underwater World and Gardens By the Bay. The prices of these places sometimes make Singaporean backpackers hesitant, but if you ignore, the trip will not be interesting anymore.

The first solution to not spending too much on these problems is to buy tickets to Singapore in advance, which can save from 10% to 30% depending on the ticket type. However, you should check the address of the ticketing company, ticket information, and other legal information before buying to avoid buying fake tickets.

Free places


Besides the famous sights, you can also travel Singapore cheaply with a variety of free attractions. Be a real backpacker, backpack and explore the local cultural areas of Little India, Chinatown, Burgis (Arab area), ... Or you can go to Gardens by the bay and visit flower gardens, to Marina Bay Park to take pictures with the water spraying Merlion.

Or you can also choose parks like Fort Canning, Botanical Garden, MacRitchie Reservoir's Treetop Walk or Southern Ridges. Each of these parks possesses a beautiful natural ecosystem with its own unique features, such as a spice garden, a botanical sanctuary, ... If you like to immerse yourself in nature, these places will be number one for your Singapore savings packbacking trip.


In addition to the above points, when this city is covered in darkness, you can also find free sightseeing places. You can try:

Sultan Mosque - This mosque is always the most brilliant destination in Singapore night

Discover the best three light displays at Gardens the Bay, Marina Bay Sands and Sentosa

See free art performances at the Esplanade Theater

Watch the sunset at Sentosa Sea

Free Wednesday experience (free admission and drinks at most bars, women only) *

* Note: promotions, prices may change from time to time.

Savings on shopping

The cheapest shopping destination in Singapore is Burgis Market (open from 11:00 - 22:00, near MRT Burgis). This place is full of things that if you travel to Singapore with the most economical, you can still shop. From specialties, souvenirs, clothes, jewelry, accessories, ... with lots of options and quite cheap prices.

Another place that you can visit is the Mustafa Center located in Little India (open 24/24) or Lucky Plaza at Orchard Road (this is Singapore's shopping street with lots of malls and fashion shops). In both of these locations, you can "find" your favorite items. In addition, do not forget to see the Top 5 Singapore flea markets for more shopping options at cheap prices.

Savings on moving

As soon as you land at Changi Airport, you can continue to travel Singapore more economically by purchasing EZ Link cards to move around the city by MRT. Each card costs SGD 12 and is available at Transitlink box office. With this card, the price for each MRT trip is only about 60 cents to 1.5 SGD, depending on the distance you plan to go. In case the card runs out of money, you can top up from SGD 10 to SGD 100 to use it during your stay in Singapore.

Another option for multi-day travel is the Singapore Tourist Pass Plus, priced at SGD36 for 3 days, unlimited use of MRT, BUS & LRT.

Finally, an economical Singapore packbacking trip with the cheapest cost is something everyone wants. However, you should not be just savings but ignore the opportunities to explore and enjoy this beautiful city. Certainly, the experiences with friends and family here are worth a lot more.

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