Go back in time at Maritime Experiential - Singapore Maritime Museum

Do you have a passion for the wild and tough scenes of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean"? Or have you ever softened because of the dignity of a sailor? If you are curious about the maritime industry and have once visited Singapore, do not miss the Maritime Experiential Museum. This is the only museum that fully records the first human "footprints" on the sea.

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The entrance of the Maritime Experiential Museum.

The museum is located on the campus of Resort World Sentosa, is one of the "must-see" places for any tourists visiting Singapore. At night, the entire Maritime Experiential becomes a splendid lighthouse thanks to the modern lighting effects and the waterfront landscape.

The bustling space inside the museum.
The exhibits on display sparkle under the lights.
Using light to make the museum space more diverse and interesting.

As the first Asian maritime museum in the world, it preserves and presents more than 400 ancient artifacts. You will be able to travel back in time at the museum with the first human efforts to conquer the sea surface to the most advanced equipment to overcome the power of aggressive waves.

Bao Chuan ship with majestic 1:1 ratio.
Thanks to the large scale, the model completely simulates the interior of the real ship.
More than 30 models of auxiliary ships are hung around the Bao Chuan.

Especially outstanding is the 1-1 scale model of the famous Bao Chuan treasure ship. Surrounding Bao Chuan is 30-40 small boats with different tasks such as logistics, oil tankers ... serving the large ship during the journey. Creates a sense of authenticity that is hard to describe for anyone to see.

The Muscat treasure model of the Omani government.
With amazing detail under the hands of talented craftsmen.

Maritime Experiential is also a place to keep the priceless gift of the Omani government - a warship model from the ninth century. You will learn about how to rebuild the boat with its transoceanic journey from Oman to Lion Island. Waiting for more interesting things? You will personally drive this treasure ship Muscat with your own hands with the "Kamal" - old orientation equipment from ancient Arab times.

Conquer your fear of the ocean with Typhoon Theater

A 360-degree screen inside the auditorium creates the most realistic feeling.

If you have never felt the extreme fear in front of the wrath of nature, this is the only chance for you to have a heartbeat but still absolutely safe. Typhoon Theater is not only the most realistic reconstruction of the interior image of a ship but also an auditorium applying 360-degree multimedia technology.

The cargo boxes are also seating positions for visitors.

So this virtual journey can put visitors on the most thrilling point of their emotions. The compartment was filled with cargo boxes, with thunderclouds, crew screams. Your heart and your whole body will tremble from time to time because the anger of nature is the wind, the storm, the waves that hit the halls. Remember to watch out for getting wet!

Thrill with a unique virtual reality journey.

In the end, the entire great ship sank deep into the water. Broken wood fragments embody the seemingly irreversible anger of the vast ocean. And your fear sinks to the bottom of the sea like a broken ship. Everything combines almost absolute perfection of sounds, images, effects, and emotions.

The purpose of the Maritime Experiential Singapore museum is not simply to provide interesting knowledge about the maritime industry, but also to demonstrate the great value of the ocean to the human environment. Thanks to that, a habit of environmental protection is formed in the community.

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