Indian Heritage Center - "Little India" is located in the middle of Singapore

Singapore is famous for being a country with a rapid growth rate. Besides Japan, this is the only Asian land that has been several centuries ahead of the present human era. However, a complete opposite is that traditional cultural features still exist and are a special point of this tiny island nation.

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Little India - "heart" of the Indians amid the island nation of Singapore

Singapore is where you can find an amalgamation of Asia's most dazzling cultures. Besides China town which is everywhere on the world map, you will also be interested in Kampong Glam of the Malay people with the classic Islamic colors or Haji Lane - a beautiful pedestrian street in Arab Street. And most importantly, must mention Little India - the "heart" of the Indians in the heart of a modern island nation.

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Merging between the old and the new, this bustling crowded residential area has countless very "Little India" details that make your frame of "virtual living" more sparkling. From traditional markets, street art paintings, to the people living here, visitors will completely lose themselves in a very real, very magical India.

Very Indian streets in Singapore. (Source: 10best)
The murals streets in Little India. (Source: tripnow)

The thing that you should definitely not miss when you step in this Indian land is the typical spicy cuisine, the hit Bollywood movies, and especially the India Heritage Center. You will realize the miracle that Singapore has done: cultures coexist happily, brilliantly without competing, saturated with each other.

India Heritage Center - showing very old features in a very new architectural language

The works are wearing a brilliant outfit at night. (Source: 88designbox)

The first thing this cultural center brings to you is in awe of its very modern architectural language. As one of the famous architectural works in Singapore, India Heritage Center brings true modern colors of the Sea Lion Island.

Thanks to the special glass of the project. (Source: indesignsingapore)

Made of stone and glass with sophisticated modern gray color, India Heritage does not fall out of Singapore's development. But only when night falls, the "Little India" nature of the building radiates out of the brilliant stained glass. A very Indian color gamut, very attractive and charming.

The stream of Indian cultural history flows smoothly inside

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Hinduism is one of the most brilliant cultures in the world, helping to shape the colors of Asia from the past to the present, while constantly developing and preserving its beauty. Those things will be best demonstrated through the items on display inside the center.

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Artifacts are displayed chronologically, starting with the early interplay between South Asian and Southeast Asian cultures. Next comes the basic and progressive characteristics of Indians from the 19th to the 21st century. And the last indispensable part is the first Indian contributions and the development of Indian culture in Singapore.

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The center also attentively prepares guides who can speak 3 languages (English, Tamil, Madarin) with extensive knowledge of Indian culture ready to share with you at any time.

The Idian Heritage Center tour is not just about visiting a museum showcasing as usual, but also touching a culture with a very modern approach. This experience brings you the full sense of taste, image, and sound in the very special Little India neighborhood. It promises to be a colorful tour just for you.

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