Korea reopened the DMZ Paju tourist trail tour

The hiking route on the western border in Paju, along the demilitarized zone (DMZ) separating the two Koreas, will be reopened to welcome visitors from September 22.

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Tourists join a DMZ tour. (Photo: Yonhap)

Paju city is in Gyeonggi province, about 30km northwest of Seoul, South Korea. Information on the reopening of this DMZ tourist trail tour was announced by the Paju municipality on September 19.

The Paju Trail is one of three walking routes open to the public in 2019, within the framework of the DMZ Peace Trail (the demilitarized zone is about 250km long, about 4km wide), helping people have more experience on the Inter-Korean Peace and security situation on the Korean peninsula.

Tourists joining the DMZ trail tour to visit Panmunjom border village in Paju in 2019. (Photo: Yonhap)

Like the other two lines, the Goseong and Cheorwon trails, which are both in Gangwon Province, the Paju Trail closed 11 months ago due to the outbreak of African swine fever.

In the current complicated situation of Covid-19, in order to prevent the risk of disease spreading, the Paju government stipulates: Group tours are only operated when they are booked in advance, with a limited number of 10 tours per day and a maximum of 20 visitors per tour.

Tourist attraction Imjingak Pavilion. (Photo: Koreatourcard.kr)

The Paju Line is about 20km long both on and off, starting from the Imjingak Pavilion (Imjin River park, now a leading Korean war-themed tourist spot) to a guard station that is no longer in use, the observatory Dorasan that has stunning views of the DMZ.

The Paju government also said the city has completed quarantine measures, implemented regulations to prevent and cope with disease-related situations if possible.

Tourists visit the Dorasan observatory. (Photo: Getty)

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