Mauritius - The diamond of the Indian Ocean

As a multicultural land, Mauritius is always on the list of ideal destinations for a wonderful vacation because of its beautiful natural scenery, diverse culture, and friendly and hospitable people.

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Multi-ethnic, multi-cultural island 

The island nation of Mauritius is part of Africa, located in the southwestern Indian Ocean, about 900km east of Madagascar, with a border stretching less than 2,000km. With policies to promote agriculture as well as tourism that has boosted development and turned this beautiful country into a paradise that attracts tourists from all over the world.

The lovely island nation of Mauritius still has about 20 small islands that are colonized by the Netherlands, France, and Great Britain, so this place bears the characteristic "mark" of each "motherland", making Mauritius a multicultural, multiethnic country with diverse lifestyles.

Coming to Mauritius, visitors will be surprised to hear many different languages such as Creole, English, French, and some Asian languages. They have migrated and lived here for centuries. The people of Mauritius are very friendly, so visitors can easily communicate and blend in with life in this island nation.

The innocent smiles of Mauritius children will make you remember forever.

Multi-color Mauritius 

Although it is an island nation surrounded by blue ocean, this place is favorably endowed with the harmonious natural scenery of fine white sand beaches like Grand Bay, Pereybere or Belle Mare ... and brilliant colorful soft coral reefs and the majestic green mountains and forests.

Mauritius owns many beautiful beaches.

Casela Park: With an area of more than 14 hectares, the park has bold features of the African wild world. The special thing only in this park is that visitors will be walking together with the king of the forest to bring a thrilling but exciting experience.

In addition, visitors can participate in thrilling activities such as off-road driving through beautiful small forests or playing Zipline drop through the deep mountains, viewing the panoramic of mountains and forests from above.

Coming to Casela Park, visitors are extremely excited to be close to the animals here.

Seven-color land: located next to the village of Chamarel, the land stands out with many different tones such as brown, purple, red, green, blue, crimson, yellow. The colors blend together to create a unique vibrant color painting and become more magical when the sun falls.

It is strange that if you take a little sand color each and mix them together, they will also divide into 7 different color layers. Over thousands of years, the beauty of the land remains as pristine despite weather, rain, and erosion. The people here are very proud of being able to live next to the land of 7 colors because they think that this place used to be the home of a fairy.

Seven-colored land - A unique gift that nature gave to the island nation of Mauritius.

The bustling city of Port Louis - the capital of Mauritius has always attracted tourists by the diverse lives of locals at the Port Louis market, La Citadel, and Le Caudan. Port Louis Market is always busy and crowded thanks to fresh and delicious food. In addition, visitors can take a walk around to see the handicrafts, clothes ... to choose for themselves a unique souvenir.

A peaceful and civilized local market in Port Louis.
Beautiful street corners in Mauritius are suitable for those who love photography.

The beauty of nature and the warm climate of the Indian Ocean waters in Mauritius will give you a wonderful vacation. Along with its impressive culture, diverse ethnicities, and interesting experiences, Mauritius will surely be an unforgettable destination in the hearts of every traveler.

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