Table Mountain - Wonders of South Africa

With a unique beauty in both appearance and rich flora and fauna, Table Mountain is one of the most famous destinations in South Africa.

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Known as one of the new seven natural wonders of the world and a tourist symbol of South Africa, Table Mountain - one of the most famous mountains on the planet, is located in the city of Cape Town, Republic of South Africa. It is essentially a plateau with a length of 3km, surrounded by steep cliffs with rich vegetation and fauna. A special feature of Table Mountain is its flat peak, creating a prominent highlight and has become a symbol on the flag of Cape Town.

Table Mountain is over 1000m high. The mountain is flat, shaped like a table top due to erosion effects over more than 6 million years. Table Mountain also boasts a very diverse fauna with many rare and endangered species living here. Standing on the top of the mountain, visitors can see the whole city of Cape Town, Victoria and Alfred Harbor areas, commercial centers, Green Point Stadium, National Assembly building, ...

The majestic scene at Table Mountain.

Table Mountain
is one of the favorite places for people who love adventure or nature exploration. Tourists often go to Table Mountain by cable car or on foot. The cable car system was first built and put into operation here in 1929, after 68 years of operation, in 1997, the cable car was upgraded to serve more tourists. The cabins have a round shape, can carry many people, and rotate 360 degrees for visitors to freely admire the scenery.

The highest point of Table Mountain is the easternmost point, called the landmark, with an altitude of 1086m. At this height, the climates on the mountains are very cold, often covered with foggy clouds. From here, watching the sunrise or sunset is extremely beautiful.

Cable car system to Table mountain.

In addition to the cable car, locals and tourists often conquer Table Mountain by footpath with the popular passage through the Gorge Platteklip Gorge. On average, to climb to the top of the mountain, people usually take 2.5 hours depending on the speed and fitness of each person. This is a very popular climbing path for climbers. A special feature is that tourists and locals are only allowed to climb traditional mountains, that is, do not use pegs, hammers, poles because they easily affect the rocky mountains.

Tourists take souvenir photos on Table mountain.

In the afternoon, the top of Table Mountain is often covered with mist, cloud cover, creating a dreamlike scene. Tourists step into the world of fantasy, half-realism, and half-dream, especially when the sun gradually sets, the sunlight reflects on the sea horizon, creating a magical orange and yellow light.

Sunset at Table Mountain.

Table Mountain is located right next to Kirstenbosch National Park, 510 hectares wide with more than 6,000 species of animals and plants. This national park was also recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage in 1999 and is a tourist destination not to be missed in the journey of conquering Table Mountain for many tourists coming to South Africa.

Plants in Table Mountain are mainly shrubs. At Table Mountain, there are more than 2200 species of plants found. Particularly at the foot of Table Mountain, there are more than 1500 species of flowers, competing to flower during the four seasons of the year, creating a romantic and extremely beautiful scene.

Table Mountain is also home to many wild animals such as porcupines, deer, leopards, lions, African cats, ... In which, the most popular species is the Dassie mouse, visitors can catch them at cable car stations or tourist dining places.

Dassie rats are common in Table Mountain.

With a unique beauty in both appearance and rich flora and fauna and importance to people's lives, Table Mountain deserves to be the pride of South Africans and a tourist destination not to be missed while traveling in South Africa.

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