The budget shop is luxury like a palace

Just buying a piece of cheese or a little milk but like stepping into a luxury palace is what you feel when you call at the Pfunds Molkerei shop. 

Pfunds Molkerei is a place awarded the title "The shop selling the world's most beautiful products made of milk" by Guinness in 1998. Located at no.79 Bautzner, Pfunds Molkerei is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Dresden city. Each year, this place receipt a haft of visitors. This is an anomaly thing for a milk shop. 

But Pfunds Molkerei is exceptional. It is decorated luxuriously that make tourists feel like losing in a palace, with enameled brick from Villeroy & Boch (the famous ceramic manufacturer) and drawn manually by artists in the neo-Renaissance style. 

When stepping inside, you will be attracted by the eye-catching paintings. Before you are the scenery of flying butterfly, children in frolic, playing with pups, the next is imagination on people milking a cow, selling milk from a cart... In the works painted by many artists, visitors also see squirrels and rabbits, pigeons, kittens along with the vast scene on the fields with the windmill, immensity ocean, streams... The progress of producing milk is well illustrated. That is the reason that many people affirm, the shop looks more beautiful a lot than the interior decored in the real palace. 

The shop history began in 1879, when Paul Gustav Leander Pfund, a farmer moving from Reinholdshain to Dresden with his wife and 6 cows. He established a small business to sell milk at Görlitzer street - where passer-by can observe how to milk cows, and how milk is prepared for sale. A year later, Pau's brother, actor Friedrich Pfund did business with his young brother and they found the milk brand Dresdner Gebrüder Pfund. 

In 1893, Pfund passed away. The son of two brothers joined the company and developed the brand. At early, the milk brand only products 150 little each day. But up to 1930, this number reached 60.000 little each day. Beside rising up to become the first condensed milk manufacturer in Germany, the company also began soap made of milk, baby powdered milk.

Pfunds Molkerei survived miracle after bombs in the city during world war 2 and opened until 1978. Up to 1995, it just reopened. Since then, this place full of inspiring become a destination that attracts customers around the globe. 

Nowadays, the shop still continues selling many types of products made of milk, the famous milk soap. Located on the upper floor of the dairy shop is a newly opened cafe, with 90 seats. This place also sells many types of imported chocolate. 

Before the pandemic, the business of the shop is very prosperous. But due to the impact of Covid-19, the situation of Pfunds Molkerei is more gloomy. However, many believe that it has survived during the 2 world wars and there is no reason that it can not overcome this pandemic. 

The shop opens from 10am to 6pm, from Monday to Saturday, and from 10am to 3pm on Sunday. To avoid queuing or crowding in shopping, tourists should arrive early. Despite the interior of the shop is very gorgeous but tourists are not allowed to take a photo inside. However, reporters or bloggers can ask for permission to shoot or film.

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