The first place to welcome autumn in Japan

Autumn in Daisetsuzan comes from mid-September when the forests and mountains are gradually covered with brilliant yellow, red leaves.

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Autumn in Japan usually lasts and most clearly in October - November, associated with the image of the yellow and red leaf carpet. However, even this September, visitors can also enjoy the autumn atmosphere in northern Japan.

Pictured is Sounkyo - a famous canyon in Daisetsuzan National Park, Hokkaido Prefecture. Because it is located in the northernmost part of Japan, this national park is also the first place to welcome autumn in the land of the rising sun. Photo: fiabesco.mirina

Daisetsuzan National Park includes three major volcanic groups: Daisetsuzan - Mount Asahidake; Tokachi mountain group and Shikaribetsu group - Mount Ishikari.

The volcanic groups are located on a large plateau. In addition, this place is also known for the area of meadows, unspoiled mountains, and hot springs. Photo: Good Hokkaido

Daisetsuzan forest mountain in the early days of September 2019. Video: nippon

The Daisetsuzan volcanic cluster is a mountain range up to 2,000 meters high in the center of Hokkaido. From mid-September, the mountain scenery in Daisetsuzan began to change its clothes. The typical colors of autumn begin to appear at the highest peaks, then gradually spread down the slopes and dye the valley in red in October.

If you are familiar with walking among the trees or sitting under the maple canopy to see the red leaves, coming to Sounkyo Gorge, visitors will experience the feeling of climbing a mountain while watching the brilliant autumn on both sides of the road. Photo: Japan-magazine

Because the yellow leaves and red leaves in Daisetsuzan appear from the beginning of September, the most brilliant and suitable time to see the full beauty of autumn here is the first half of October.

Visitors to this largest national park in Hokkaido can participate in many exploration activities such as trekking, mountain climbing, autumn viewing by Lake Akan, Notoro-ko or a hot spring bath ... Photo: g8787856

In Daisetsuzan, visitors can choose many trekking routes lasting from 1 day to 4, 5 days depending on fitness and time allowed. Some of the most popular routes are the route from Asahikawa to the top of Asahidake, the route of Notoro-ko to the Shiretoko peninsula, also the route sightseeing of Lake Akan via Kushiro Marsh to Tokachigawa hot spring. Photo: Gooday Hokkaido

The Sounkyo Kurodake is the farthest northern cable car in Japan, taking visitors from the Soikyo Hot Springs to the top of Kuro, managed by Rinyu Kanko. Not as much effort as trekking, but visitors on the cable car can also see the spectacular autumn scenery in Daisetsuzan. Photo: TripAdvisor

In the southeastern part of Daisetsuzan National Park, there is Lake Shikaribetsu-ko at an altitude of about 800 meters, where you can watch the bright red maple leaves reflected off the lake surface in autumn. Photo: Good Hokkaido

Not only are the forests, majestic alpine mountains, lakes and hot springs, grassland and shrub areas in Daisetsuzan also cover the colors of autumn. Photo: Japan wonders

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