The lake lying between sky and sea

Perched on a steep cliff above the sea level, Lake Leitisvatn becomes the most must-visit spot in the Faroe Islands.

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The lake owns two names at the same time, located in a special position between the midst of the sky and the sea abyss.

Considered as a miraculous gift of nature, Leitisvatn lake is lying in halfway between the sky and the sea, creating unbelievable surreal beauty.

Lake Leitisvatn is also known as Sorvagsvatn, on the island of Vagar. It is also the largest lake in the Faroe Islands, located between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic. With an area of up to 3.4 km2, Leitisvatn Lake is 3 times larger than Fjallavatn - the second largest lake on the Faroe archipelago and also on Vagar Island.

Fanciful moment of Lake Leitisvatn from the upper view.

The special feature of Lake Leitisvatn is that it is located unbelievably close to the sea. The photos taken by the photographer from a high angle show that it is thought that water from the lake will pour into the sea like a waterfall at any time.

Sometimes the lake water is too full so it will flow into the sea like a waterfall.

The optical illusion factor and shooting angle makes it easy to confuse the distance from the lake to the sea surface must be as far as several hundred meters. But in fact, the lake is only about 30 meters higher than the sea level, surrounded by majestic cliffs. Therefore, the lake water never overflows to the bottom, at the same time creates the feeling that the lake is in the middle of the sky and the sea abyss.

The majestic but surreal beauty makes visitors who love discovering "fascinated".

Sometimes, when the lake is full of water that exceeds its capacity, it will form strips of water like a waterfall flowing into the sea below. The scenery of white water flowing into the ocean creates an impressive moment that makes visitors fall in love.

In the past, local people had a fierce controversy about naming the lake. People in the Sorvagsvatn - one of the big villages on Vagar Island want to name the lake after their village. On the contrary, the people of Miðvágur village wanted to take the name of the lake Leitisvatn. Since then, the lake has paralleled two names at once.

Spectacular view of Lake Leitisvatn.

Currently, around Lake Leitisvatn there are trails on cliffs or hills where visitors can walk upwards. One side is a peaceful lake, and below is a waving ocean, turning Leitisvatn into a "cool" destination when you want to "adventure" between heaven and earth.

In addition, if you love adventure, you can choose the view from the surrounding hill area to enjoy all the unique beauty of this lake.

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