Travel "in the air" during season Covid-19: Unique and new

The world is going through a Covid-19 pandemic, considered unprecedented. People in other countries are also experiencing a form of tourism that probably never had that was "air travel".

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Taking off from Taiwan's Taoyuan International Airport (China) to the tourist island of Jeju in South Korea, the Tigerair Airlines plane has gradually lowered its altitude so that 120 passengers on the plane have the opportunity to see the beautiful Jeju tourist island and then fly straight back to Taiwan.

For some passengers, traveling from above is also an enjoyable experience. Some passengers even wear traditional Korean outfits to celebrate this unique tour.

Jeju Island viewed from above. (Photo: Thanh Nien)

“This trip is very interesting. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we can only travel virtually. Seeing Jeju Island and enjoying traditional Korean food is also fun.

“I haven't been abroad for a long time, so this flight is special. We get free tickets and have great experiences ”.

The border control measurements due to Covid-19 have resulted in a decline in international tourism activities by more than 97 percent in the region. In an effort to help VIP passengers regularly use Airline flights as well as maintain pilots' permits, airlines including Taiwan's EVA and Japan's ANA have provided special excursion flights.

The airlines said the implementation of these special flights also had a great symbolic meaning, with the hope that the epidemic would pass and the tourism industry would soon return.

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