Visit Japanese roots Takachiho

Takachiho is a famous Japanese spiritual tourist spot. Many Japanese people believe that the land of the rising sun originated from this place.

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Sacred canyon

Takachiho is a canyon located in Miyazaki prefecture (Japan). The Takachiho Gorge area is the birthplace of many myths and is believed by the Japanese to contain spiritual powers. Among them is the concept of Japan originating from Takachiho.

According to mythology, hundreds of thousands of years ago, the sun goddess Amaterasu sent Ninigi to Takachiho with the task of shaping Japan. Ninigi carried three divine gifts including the Kusanagi sword, the Yata mirror, and the Yasakani jewel. 

These are the three treasures the Emperor of Japan used to create Japan. Only the power of a god can create such a mysterious and beautiful area. Today, science has proven that Takachiho was formed from the magical hand of nature.

How did Takachiho come about?

120,000 years ago, volcano Aso erupted and lava escaped. The lava flows down the plains and cools by the river through the Takachiho Gorge. The lava froze and formed the topography of today's Takachiho. 

No matter how Takachiho was created, in the heart of the Japanese, this is still a mysterious land, a tourist destination recognized as a national landmark.

The Japanese government grants this place the title of "national-level natural works". There are many ways to get to Takachiho. The easiest way is to get to Kumamoto Station, then take a bus for about 2 hours to get to Takachiho. Visitors can take a bus for about 5 hours from Fukuoka to Takachiho. The road to Takachiho passes through many beautiful areas of Miyazaki Prefecture.

Visit the most beautiful village in Japan

Located about 20 km from Takachiho Gorge is Takamori village. In 2013, this place was voted "The most beautiful village in Japan". An interesting point of Takamori is located at the foot of Mount Aso - the largest active volcano in the world. Takamori is also believed to have formed from a strong eruption that caused the crater to collapse, forming a plain.

Many tourists choose Takamori to rest and prepare for the journey to the Nakadake crater. The road to Takamori is very convenient. You can take the bus. If you want to experience many beautiful sights, you should rent a self-drive car to enjoy the unspoiled nature of the Aso National Park.

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